PlayStation 4 Might Not Launch In India This Year

Earlier the reports suggested that the PlayStation 4 will be launched in India later this year along with South Africa’s launch of the PlayStation 4 in December this year. The official PlayStation website for India first hinted that the console will be available for a late 2013 launch but now the website has removed the 2013 from the official Playstation India website.

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ZHZ901742d ago

Hope PS4 lauch in India and as many nations as possible as early as possibe.

Nekroo911742d ago ShowReplies(1)
Eonjay1742d ago

Sorry India! I don't think anyone could pump out enough PS4s to meet the global demand.

MCTJim1742d ago

We all knew certain countries would be possibly left out because of logistics and stock issues. Both the X1 and PS4 WILL be hot ticket itemsthis holiday season...what does this mean in reality? A boon for the eBay trolls...

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