Microsoft’s Albert Penello Explains Why Kinect is “Integral” to the Xbox One Experience and More

Microsoft's messages on whether Kinect is necessary or not to enjoy the upcoming Xbox One has been slightly confusing. To add even more confusion Popular Mechanics named the console within “The 10 Breakthrough Products of 2013″ mentioning the controversial camera as “integral” to the operation of the console. This, of course, sparked further debate on whether that means that it’s needed or not.

Microsoft Albert Penello came to the Rescue to explain what that really means and more.

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ArchangelMike1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

To collect marketing data isn't it? Why else is it mandatory? Oh wait for all the 'TV stuff' you can do with it?

Yeah sure. Microsoft discovered a Trojan Horse, and have been harping on about it since. Once it's in your living room, and you click the "agree" button to the EULA, there will be no going back then.

As for it being any kind of breakthrough, where are the 'breackthrough' games that utilise Kinect 2.0. Heck what are the breakthrough applications that utilise Kinect 2.0 beyond "Xbox On".

Microsoft have been playing the "Semantic" game since they announced the XbOne. Every single announcement that has followed has had to be clarified, and clarified again. Now the same thing "semantics".

If you guys can't smell the BS by now, then you only have yourselves to blame when all your data and personal habits gets sold to Walmart.

Sitdown1655d ago

Tin foil man....once you get to the Wizard,maybe he will remind you that 1) Kinect is no longer mandatory 2)Some people don't really care about the random data that could be collected 3)I hope you sent this post as an anonymous letter to a friend who posted it, because if are just as vulnerable being on the internet where viruses exist from people who will collect way more than what Microsoft ever will.

Abriael1655d ago

It may be no longer mandatory, but it's "integral", and from what Penello says, it seems to be quite necessary to enjoy the console. Hell, he compares playing the Xbox One without kinect to playing the 360 without the controller.

Hellsvacancy1655d ago

"Tin foil man" lol, its' not conspiracy theory anymore buddy its conspiracy fact

The NSA has you

DragonKnight1655d ago

@Sitdown: Dude, mandatory Kinect features for every Xbox One game is going to happen. It's just a matter of time. Then what's next is making sure that Kinect is connected and on to use games with Kinect features and boom, every Xbox One will have targeted ads regardless of "opting in" or not. It's going to happen. Microsoft do not care about screwing people over and acting shady, as evidenced by the reveal of the Xbox One.

And that weak excuse of "you're just as vulnerable on the internet" not only A)Shows that you're agreeing that you're vulnerable with the Kinect which contradicts your original point, and B)is just trying to skirt the issue, but also isn't any kind of justification for what Microsoft is trying to do. These are gaming consoles, not ad boxes. Microsoft is trying to destroy gaming more and more with their B.S.

Mike134nl1655d ago

Not worried about kinect camera gathering private information.
Though people should worry about which information Microsoft and for that any other company collects of consumers. If people wouldn't push back on these issues companies will collect and store as much information even private of consumers.

Selling consumer information is a rather profitable business but is also regulated (well not for the NSA).

Sitdown1655d ago

Dude, all you are doing is speculating.....which media often does to cause mass hysteria. Could Kinect features become mandatory? it now? No. Should that day comes, all I need to do is point the camera at the wall....and rarely do I talk while playing games. At this time I do not really have a problem receiving customize ads for the little amount of gaming I actually do.

Please tell me what was my original point was that I contradicted. I never denied or agreed about vulnerability....but what I did say, is that if ArchangelMike feels that xbox has all these vulnerabilities....then he might want to be concerned that he is "just as vulnerable" in using the internet. So again, show my I showed no lean to either side. Microsoft is not trying to destroy gaming....Extreme Much? How does a camera Kinect stop you from playing games? As much as this site waves the victory flag of is it that now that Microsoft the Minority can destroy gaming when Sony is King.

nukeitall1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )


Out spreading FUD again?

Kinect can be turned off, or even disconnected. Problem solved if you don't want it.

Still don't want Xbox One? Then get a PS4.

I'm pretty sure you had no intention of getting the Xbox One anyhow.

By the way, do you have a facebook or google account?

andrewsqual1655d ago

@DragonKnight Will fix that for you
"as evidenced by" the Xbox 360 itself.

Sniff I thought Microsoft were money grubbing bastards long before you all did ;(

Freedomland1655d ago


The question is this, if Kinect is not integral part then why do you have to buy it with console.
Microsoft didn't able to justify this and everybody is thinking that they are spending only 100$ more but what if kinect is 150$ or more and console is 350$ or less so it means you are paying a lot more cash for peripheral which maybe you are not going to use. Everybody is comparing the bundle with Ps4 price but what about console vs console price.
You think X1 is a 400$ console just because Ps4 is 400$. I don't think so.

JokesOnYou1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

We've seen these scare tactics before with the original kinect:

Oct 10 2010
"In an interview with Gamespot, Phil Spencer boss of Microsoft Game Studios alleviates privacy concerns regarding the Kinect camera. "

Oct 25th 2010
"Kinect Long Term Privacy Issues Daunting?"

Nov 15, 2010
"Kinect Camera Data Could Be Sold for Ad Targeting"

Nov 2, 2010
"Kinect IS Spying on you."

Nov 6, 2012
"Microsoft’s new Kinect patent goes Big Brother, will spy on you for the MPAA"

-Theres alot more speculation from many sites and tons of blogs saying the original kinect would spy on us.

-Yet Kinect is in millions of homes and guess what we're all still alive, amazingly our sensational naked pictures arent all over youtube and my good name and identity is intact.

-The conspiracy theorists will never answer why their claims of the original kinect invading our privacy never beared fruit, lawsuits, victims of hacked kinect vids exposed on the internet, and epidemic of unintentional uploads of kinect vids, the NSA breaking doors down because of illegal activity recorded by kinect, nope nothing as I have shown they will speculate alot but offer nothing of significance to prove their claims, yet kinects history so far ONLY PROOVES THEM WRONG, but yet we are to believe we are in grave danger with X1's kinect.

DragonKnight1655d ago

@Sitdown: I'm not the media so I don't know why you'd bring that up, and do you honestly think that Microsoft wouldn't put in a "point Kinect camera at your face" message and prevent the games from working unless the camera could see you? Come on now. Microsoft are experts at screwing with gamer rights and don't care about privacy. You think they're stupid enough to not think "gee, people will just turn the camera away or put a towel over it?" Come on.

You called ArchAngelMike "Tin Foil Man" for his completely plausible and, in point of fact actually occurring, point and then said "yeah, data is being collected, so what?" That's the contradiction. It can't be a conspiracy and fact at the same time. Microsoft is not actively trying to destroy gaming, but they are anyway. They've turned what should be a gaming console into an ad box and aren't shy about showing that that box is more about everything else BUT gaming. They are setting precedents for invasive advertising and anti-consumer tendencies that could easily trickle down into the future. You may enjoy a future filled with ads and ceaseless pay walls just to play a game, but I don't and many others don't either.

@nukeitall: And when Microsoft mandates that Kinect features are mandatory for all games and forces you to have Kinect on because a game has Kinect features? Then what? This is the company that tried to come out with the most anti-consumer, controlling, restrictive DRM in the console industry. Do you think they are above such things? This is the company that lied to your face about the Kinect collecting data, the company that is 100% committed to the original DRM ridden vision and you don't think they could do that? Of course YOU don't because you're wearing green tinted glasses. No coincidence that MS' colour scheme is green and everything about the Xbox One centers around how much money MS can gouge out of you.

Yep, not getting an Xbox One and I don't want Microsoft's policies to succeed and possibly give anyone else ideas that they can do the same thing. MS fanboys may love to be apathetic about being guinea pigs for anti-consumerism and privacy violations, but that doesn't mean anyone else is.

Oh yay, the weak facebook argument again. Tired of shooting that one down.

@JokesOnYou: The greatest threats are always hiding in plain site. Just because your business isn't made public for the world to see, doesn't mean it's not made public for businesses, private investigators, and the government to see.

Complacency will always lead to a situation in which your outrage will have come too late.

4Sh0w1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

DragonKnight really? You are trying to hard, jokes proved with links all this kinect spying on you conspiracy stuff was said before I bet those same news was posted with comments like yours on n4g before the 1st kinect came out and yep nothing came of it so its funny how quickly you guys forgot about those lies spread back then because it all turned out to be BS.

Millions of kinects have been sold. Where are all these people who were supposed to be harmed by the 1st kinect invading our privacy?

Now you still have no proof of anything only accusations, so you take the easy cop out of of saying its going on behind closed doors lmfao really? So now that all the 1st doomsday kinect predictions didnt come true now you resort to micro is collecting and hiding millions of consumers private moments behind closed doors, what the hell are they doing with it?

Gozer1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

You sony fanboys are sickos, you seriously need help.DragonKnight how you got so many bubbles as much as you troll is a testament to how sony biased this website is.

Either way I want the Kinect because it makes the X1 better than the ps4. Voice recognition, in game video chat, IR Blaster, easier UI, etc,etc All while playing COD Ghosts on dedicated servers. Count me in.

nix1655d ago

i know google reads words from your mail and tailor makes ad for us. xbox one also will do the same except it'll be doing via camera and microphone.

that part i find it creepy. it's like having a short circuit camera looking at you.

DragonKnight1655d ago

@4Sh0w: How do you know nothing came of it? And let's assume that the Kinect 1 wasn't good enough to do the data collection like the Kinect 2 is, does the fact that the Kinect 1 couldn't do it negate that the Kinect 2 WILL do it? By Microsoft's own admission, the Kinect 2 can and will be used for data collection. By Microsoft's own admission, and the work of others who found out, Microsoft hand over personal information to either the highest bidder or the government and have built systems to do so easier. And you're saying that a company like that, whose done nothing but lie and flip flop around like a pancake for the last 5 months isn't capable of continuing to do so?

I would love to see this world that Xbox fanboys live in where Microsoft have never, and will never, do any wrong. Where spying on you is ok because nothing happens (that you know of) and that if something like Google can get away with it (which if you paid attention, people are pissed off about as well) then it's ok for everyone to do it. That kind of fantasy world must be interesting indeed. In the real world though people fought for these basic rights, including the right to privacy, for decades because they knew it was right and here you all are just willing and ready to give those rights up just so you can use a flashy, substanceless camera that you're paying $100 for. Same mentality that causes the American Constitution to degrade unopposed every Presidential terms, same mentality that allows Obama to say right to your faces that you can't have 100% security and 100% privacy and you take it with a smile on your face.

See, if this DOESN'T happen, then cool no one loses anything. If it DOES (and believe me, when it comes to Microsoft they give less of a sh*t about you then Nintendo or Sony) then you'll have no right to b*tch about it later, although it won't stop you from doing so.

@Gozer: Xbox fanboys are always whining about bubbles because they don't have more, even though JokesOnYou has 7 proving this site isn't filled with your enemies trying to silence you. Bubbles don't mean anything. You need to get over bubble counts. Especially since they will be leaving soon enough.

"Either way I want the Kinect because it makes the X1 better than the ps4. Voice recognition, in game video chat, IR Blaster, easier UI, etc,etc"

No it doesn't. All those features you mentioned are possible on the PS4. Easier UI? Yeah ok.

"All while playing COD Ghosts on dedicated servers."

Which will have dedicated servers on the PS4 as well. Your point?

Listen to you Xbox fanboys. You spend most of your time talking about features that A)Most of you won't use and you know it, and B)Have nothing to do with games. Are you gamers or feature players? Yeah, features can enhance the overall experience, but why are you talking as though they take precedence over a gaming console being about games first? It's to the point where you may as well beg Microsoft to record you because that's what you sound like you love about the Xbox One.

DeadManIV1655d ago

We have protection against viruses man, we don't let that shit into our homes

tuglu_pati1655d ago

@DragonKnight going off hard... lol. Dude you really are trying to hard. Just enjoy your PS4.

Sitdown1655d ago

So you think Microsoft is stupid enough to mandate that developers include code to make you put the camera on you just so that you can play their games. Hahah...are you serious? Lets say Microsoft took your absurd thought process, just like there were work arounds for Android's face to unlock, there would be work arounds here.

"yeah, data is being collected, so what?" Yeah, not sure who you are quoting.... cause that is no where in my original post. Like others have said, you are trying to hard... and it shows when you start making up stuff that I never said. No where did I even say data was being to collected. Regardless of what you think Microsoft's box should be doing, everybody who knows anything, knew that from the original Xbox that it had always been more than about gaming... but being the center of the living room. So far I have not been bothered by the ads, and loading straight from the disc will most likely continue this trend.

JokesOnYou1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

"Where spying on you is ok because nothing happens (that you know of)"

-So your whole case is built on this? lol You make wild claims and all you got as evidence is "bu bu but you dont know if it its NOT true", thats weak what happen to if you say something then you offer something creditable to give weight to your statements. I've already shown past speculation like your BS claims now have been preached before regarding kinect spying yet we have nothing tangible that came out of those claims. Again you got nothing but hot air.

johndoe112111655d ago


And yet we have proof that they have been feeding NSA info for years.

johndoe112111655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )


I specifically remember an xbox one first or second party dev saying in an interview that the kinect cost almost as much as the system itself to build. Am I wrong about this?


johndoe112111655d ago


"All while playing COD Ghosts on dedicated servers. Count me in."

What the hell does that have to do in a discussion about kinect? And yet you have the audacity to call others fanboys.

Biggest1655d ago

You mention scare tactics since the original Kinect, JokesOnYou. Do you care to highlight the usage tactics of the original Kinect?

I'll go with you on the scare tactics if you're willing to go with me on the fact that the original Kinect was a fabricated promise that failed to deliver on almost every highlighted function.

Lost in all of this talk about privacy is the fact that the Kinect has yet to prove itself as a gaming staple. It sucked the first time. It doesn't seem to be doing much better this go 'round.

nypifisel1655d ago

Actually it wouldn't even been on peoples radar if it wasn't for MS themselves talking about it, not to us the consumer, but to advertisers...

JokesOnYou1655d ago

Biggest I have said many times that for me Kinect never had a meaningful impact on the kinds of games I like. I acknowledge therevwer notabl3 games like Dance Central and Kinect Sports that I thought Kinect did well for and a few games like ME3 to me showed the potential of exploring Kinect however for the mist part it didnt live up to the hype. Consequently just as devs have released subpar games and rebounded with great ones past flaws is no reawon to quit and thats exactly why I'm glad micro went back to the drawing board instead of giving up. I always said the hybrid route has more to offer core games and it seems this is the new direction. Now if you want to say Kinect sucks for gaming and it always will then fine I disagree so just move along and let us who are interested see what happens.

OT so nothing is lost on me about the merits of kinects gaming capability however due to the misinformation above we were discussing specfically in this case Kinect being a spy cam to which Ive never seen any tangible proof that kinect has harmed anyone by releasing private info, data, or vids of gamers publicly. I know, I know keep talking do anything to avoid the fact that the naysayers never show proof.

RyuCloudStrife1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

No tin foil hat needed when it is fact. You hit agree blindly not knowing that you are accepting god knows what.

Example if you have the latest youtube update you agreed to allow the youtube app to have control over your camera to take pictures and videos AT ANY TIME.... read the permissions you've given it. Why does youtube or GOOGLE need to take over my camera and take videos if it wants to from my phone?

Kinect is indeed a trojan horse and it is all pushed by the government at the end of the day, to know your every move.

JokesOnYou1655d ago

Biggest I have said many times that for me Kinect never had a meaningful impact on the kinds of games I like. I acknowledge therevwer notabl3 games like Dance Central and Kinect Sports that I thought Kinect did well for and a few games like ME3 to me showed the potential of exploring Kinect however for the mist part it didnt live up to the hype. Consequently just as devs have released subpar games and rebounded with great ones past flaws is no reawon to quit and thats exactly why I'm glad micro went back to the drawing board instead of giving up. I always said the hybrid route has more to offer core games and it seems this is the new direction. Now if you want to say Kinect sucks for gaming and it always will then fine I disagree so just move along and let us who are interested see what happens.

OT so nothing is lost on me about the merits of kinects gaming capability however due to the misinformation above we were discussing specifically in this case Kinect being a spy cam to which Ive never seen any tangible proof that kinect has harmed anyone by releasing private info, data, or vids of gamers publicly. I know, I know keep talking do anything to avoid the fact that the naysayers never show proof.

Sitdown1655d ago

I infrequently visit the YouTube website from my computer and not once had to agree to any updates. Pretty sure there is no camera to takeover on my older desktop or work laptop. Yeah....a camera in my family room will some how keep track of my every move while I am in my car driving. Take off your tin foil jumpsuit.

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amiga-man1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )


Couldnt' agree more this is about M$ selling data and little to do with gaming M$ just want to create another cash cow and hide it behind the pretence of it being a gaming device.

Kinect is not needed by anyone except M$ to fund their greed!!!

come_bom1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

One small advice to Microsoft, release a cheaper Kinectless X1, otherwise they already lost next gen... unless they don't mind coming behind Sony next gen just as long they make a profit on the console.

Most gamers don't want nor care for Kinect (or PS Move for that matter). I'm ugly, don't want cameras filming me (Kinect nor PS Eye).

gameonbro1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

considering they werent going to "win" the generation anyway kinectless sku or not so they shouldn't get rid of kinect to please fickle people.

nukeitall1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

I think what you are seeing now is the niche hardcore. They tend to be early adopters that pre-order and are very vocal about their gaming habit.

However, once you cross over to the mainstream consumers that are more interrested in a family device. They don't pre-order, don't care about the latest specced games, only what junior, sis, daddy and mommy can do together and alone. That is the market MS trying to widen their net to.

So don't be surprised when MS sales are strong moving forward. The real battle start next year, when more games are released, current console are in peoples home and more is known about the different selling features.

nix1655d ago

i think it's too late for that. kinect is so embedded into their eco system and xbox one, they can't totally split it. they can probably turn it off but i'm sure kinect will still be listening or doing something... we really don't know how they screwed it up badly.

ICECREAM1655d ago

I think i have to agree.

rainslacker1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

nuke, that also isn't the market that buys $500 consoles. Nintendo is a family focused name and is half the price. Sony is cheaper, and has quite a few well known and popular family titles.

3-4 years from now, with price drops, maybe it'll mean more, but if it takes 3-4 years for MS to surge forward in sales, it'll likely be too late in terms of development support, and it'll end up being like the Wii with a crap ton of shovelware, and hardware at a discount bin price. Is that something to look forward to being a core gamer?

All for the sake of Kinect I might add. If MS is trying to replicate what Nintendo did with the Wii, they have done it completely backwards, and only show they have no idea why the Wii was popular with the casual family market in the first place.

I want to believe that MS can succeed in the family oriented market, but their initial offering is not for this market. It is for the hardcore and moderate gamer. Either way, the motion control fad has dwindled. It may still be useful to a family, but it doesn't have the wow factor it once did, and both Sony and Nintendo offer similar offerings at a cheaper price.

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badkolo1655d ago

so then poeople that buy the ps eye for ps4 which does the same, what about them, are they screwed too, or only when ms does it, go fys

amiga-man1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

badkolo there is a huge difference between a device that is optional and a device that has been built with the aim of collecting data and selling that information to advertisers.

One was designed with gaming in mind one for collecting data from as many people as possible, gaming is the mask they hide it behind, it is so obvious I'm surprised you don't see it.

badkolo1655d ago

the kinect 2.0 is now also optional, so your point is moot, you must buy it with the system but dont need to use it. they specifically said its not collecting datat and you can cotnrol the options, stop your lying

amiga-man1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Badkolo do you really need it spelling out for you? having a Kinect in as many homes is what M$ wants which is why there is no option to buy an xbox without one,

it is doing that not for the good of gaming but to collect data which despite your protestations they have all but admitted to by saying saying it will monitor heartbeat and facial expressions, the only ones lying are Microsoft in what the real purpose of kinect is, stop kidding yourself otherwise

Sitdown1655d ago

When the Wii was released and Microsoft brought out the original Kinect it was said that Microsoft was trying to mimic the success of the Wii... now that Microsoft is bundling the Kinect justv like the Wii did with its sensors.... now it's because they want to use it for collecting data. Why could Microsoft not just be trying to be the Wii 2?

MysticStrummer1655d ago

"the kinect 2.0 is now also optional"

Oh you can choose not to buy it? That's great news!


If you have to buy it, it's not optional, it's "integral".

ShwankyShpanky1655d ago

"ps eye for ps4 which does the same"


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Nocando1655d ago

Wish we could down vote for "stupid".

TechMech21655d ago

Kinect is important for Xbox one. It sets it apart from other systems, and developers know that everybody who purchased an Xbox one received Kinect in the box. Some people don't like it, but if they hate it so much, they shouldn't be buying an Xbox one and shouldn't be complaining about a system their not buying.

Mrgolden791655d ago

I'm complaining cuz I wanted to buy an xbone. I have both a 360 and a ps3 this gen and was looking forward to it. Then ms pulls this shit. Its not even about games anymore, its about raping their customers in the ass. And then people like you buy it. The folly of the whole "if you dont like it dont buy it and dont complain" is that if people said nothing, they will continue their ass backwards policies. You know why they dropped DRM?? Its because people complained about it. The people who are okay with this shit and buys it are against the common good of gamers. It sends a message to ms that they can get away with it and gives them no incentive to give us what we really want, a pure gaming device, no mandatory cameras or ads,no tv, no locking everything behind a paywall, just games.

stiggs1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

@ Mrgolden79

If you use terms like "raping their customers in the ass" when referring to a company that makes a video game console then you automatically lose all credibility. I literally stopped reading your comment after you uttered that phrase.

Does "79" refers to the year you were born? It's time for you to grow up.

SIGNALS1655d ago

We're not complaining but trying to find the truth under the rug of lies of Microsoft.
Buy it what you like it but if someone is trying to make fool out of you, what would you do...............
The answer is up to you.

kabala1655d ago

Idk why we as gamers harp on this. The solution is easy for me. All I hear is choice, so why don't some of you exercise the greatest choice we as consumers have. To buy or not to buy. It's really that simple. I want Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to make whatever system they want then I as a consumer will exercise my rights to choose what system fits my needs.

UnHoly_One1655d ago

You guys have no idea how insane you sound to a rational person. lol

It's gotten to the point where it is just hilarious.

stiggs1655d ago

@ Unholy_One

I completely agree with you. I don't know whether to laugh or pity them.

UnHoly_One1655d ago

I've been going with a mix of both.

kickerz1655d ago

I think a few of these guys need to put a mirror next to their bed so they can wake up to them self

jessupj1654d ago

What hilarious, and by hilarious I mean pathetic, is the number of MS apologists like you that think this isn't a possibility. And than you have the audacity to call other people insane and refer to yourself as a ration person.

The irony probably escapes you.

I'm not saying MS are or they aren't, but the possibility is very very real. It's already been proven they've done very shady things in the past, including spewing complete lies to the public and they're also in bed with the NSA.

I should be used to MS apologists disregarding rationality and logic, but I'm not.

You're very ignorant if you really believe MS wouldn't do this, but I suspect you aren't actually this stupid and instead are fully aware of how the real world works and are just blindly defending MS because of your preferred console.

UnHoly_One1654d ago

You missed the whole point, jessupj.

It's not about whether this is a "possibility".

It's about "who gives a damn?"

Microsoft can collect all the info they want on me to use it to show me ads that are tailored to my preferences.

Where is the negative in that?

jessupj1653d ago

Wow... just wow.

If you seriously don't know what's wrong with secretively taking someone's personally information and selling it... I just... wow. You obviously can't be reasoned with so I'm not even going to bother.

You mustn't have a problem with getting bent over and violated either.

UnHoly_One1653d ago

You can't go anywhere or do anything without somebody collecting information on you. That's the world we live in.

There is nothing my Xbox can collect that can possibly concern me.

What kind of games I like? Movies? Music? And if Kinect is "spying" on me, it can see what, exactly? My favorite brand of beer? What kind of clothes I wear?

What exactly are you afraid of?

Unless you are holding an Al Queda meeting in your living room, please tell me what you are doing that you are so worried someone is going to find out about.

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1655d ago Replies(1)
BallsEye1655d ago

Child. It's mandatory because when developers know it's in every box, they can add features to the games without risking no one will ever try it. It was a smart move. Almost every game coming out got some kind of kinect functionality, even bf4.

UncleGermrod1654d ago

Data collected is only for use by the console and sensor itself, Sensor does not need to bee connected at all times, to share any type of info with anyone is up to you and must be confirmed by the user (I think each app/game would have its own agreement for this). Plus the whole prizm government thing, while very scary, really was only aimed at certain select people who for some reason the government thought they should spy on. This set a terrible precedent i agree, but what i'm saying is chaances are no one wants to watch you game. Even the government does not have the resources to just start watching all gamers. You guys are too paranoid. Plus...I don't think MS would even risk having something like spy-kinect go public as it would ruin them for good in the eyes of all gamers.

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Kayant1655d ago

For once I agree with hime because looking at kinect & XB1 they seem to have be designed hand in hand. The OS features & IR work well to provide a natural user interface with voice and gesture controls if you like that kind of thing.

Kinect for gaming however will probably never really take off until maybe when indie devs start to experiment with it. For now there's nothing *breakthrough* about the kinect for gaming it's just improved over it's predecessor.

ArchangelMike makes a good point initially am sure the other primary use of kinect was for advertising as the data kinect would give advertisers would be huge and MS doesn't look like they are going to stop doing ads anytime soon looking at the X360 and some things they have said recently. However, they can't do it to the extend as they could before as the supposed *required* kinect is now optional so even if you agree to it in the EULA they wouldn't really get any data from you since you don't need kinect plugged in anymore.

DragonKnight1655d ago

Until forced Kinect features are a requirement, and Kinect being necessary to play games becomes a reality.

vigilante_man1655d ago

Good points, well made. Is this really N4G?

Ohlmay1655d ago

I give props for Microsoft not caving and making a Kinect-less SKU. I want to see Kinect becoming an integral part of controller based gaming because there's a lot of potential for innovation in gaming. I would loved at $400 price tag more, but if what PC gamers did with the original Kinect is any indication of what Kinect 2.0 will be on the Xbox One, I think we can expect some very interesting new mechanics introduced with the new Kinect 2.0 for gaming.

ArchangelMike1655d ago

But this is my argument. Microsoft have not shown anything revolutionary with the Kinect 2.0. They are harping on about how it is integral, and how much of a 'breakthrough' it is. But name me one game, or one application that demonstrates this 'Breakthrough'?
Which of their launch games, or launch line up demonstrates the why Kinect needs to be integral?

Ohlmay1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Kinect isn't something developers are going to fully know how to implement into gaming day one, give the tool available to developers and eventually it will happen. We saw PC gamers utilize Kinect 1.0 in fascinating ways and with self publishing being available for the Xbox One, we can definitely expect Indie developers to figure out some very interesting new mechanics, even the developer of "Journey" has stated his next game will utilize Kinect. But I fully understand why you aren't sold.

Nicaragua1655d ago

"Kinect isn't something developers are going to fully know how to implement into gaming day one"

Errr....why not? Developers have had its predecessor for the past couple of years to try ideas out on (they all sucked btw) and they would have had Kinect 2.0 dev kits to develop next gen kinect applications on - so where are they ?

Where is even the MS equivalent of Sony's playroom tech demo ?

gameonbro1655d ago

they don't have to show anything revolutionary. thats an ignorant position. if you are looking for this breakthrough game what percentage of people buy any the best game? halo and gran turismo for instance sold to between 12-15% of the entire user base. in other words a "breakthrough" game at luanch especially would only please a small percentage of the fanbase. game preference is wide. voice, auto-sign in, auto-configurations, should be good enough to make it integral for them. btw kinect fitness is a pretty kick ass app. for anyone that wanted to try those programs its definitely worth plugging in

Nocando1655d ago

What about zombies being able to "hear" you in DR3? Or it being able to detect your heart rate? What does it need to do to please you? Oh, that's right, it would need to have "Sony" stamped on it to be revolutionary and ground breaking. Just buy your PS4 and stfu.