Nerd-dom Weekly Rap-up #26 (NWR)

Whats up Fantisites this weeks episode I give you the lowdown on the new loot crate theme. This weeks humble bundle, Final fantasy 7 on the PS4? SquareEnix new indiegogo program called collective. Talk about the New walking dead season 4 starting (promise no spoilers) and just my general tom foolery.
Thanks for watching!!!

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JoeIsMad1809d ago

I would LOVE to see some Final Fantasy 7 remade for the modern console.

Stevefantisy1809d ago

Like I said I myself would love to see FF7 remade there is so much untouched potential that was not available when the game was first put out. My only concern is that to have SquareEnix working on a Squaresoft game may or may not be good. But if there is a Third party involved and they have a true love for this game then could prove to be very positive.