The Gaming Review- Grand Theft Auto V (PS3) Review

Iain writes:- I could go on and on about everything there in to do in GTA V, and could tell you stories about some of the things I’ve got up to around the enormous map that makes up your playground. But as much of the magic here is in the discovery I’m going to wind the review down and leave you to explore for yourself. The game won’t be for everyone, and I stand by my opinion that the 18 rating should be very seriously considered by parents eager to stop the nagging from their younger kids, but unless there’s a big reason why you’re staying away from GTA you should be seeking out your local bandwagon and jumping straight on. Want some fun? Go fetch a copy. However you look at it, Grand Theft Auto V is definitely one of the all time greats.

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Ezio20481562d ago

GTA V now 202 perfect scores and counting....

ZBlacktt1562d ago

With how my glitches and exploits both single player and online? With a massive broken online to begin with. Prefect scores mean nothing nowadays.

Ezio20481562d ago

These reviews are for gta v not gta online. plus glitches doesn't mean that a game doesn't deserve a perfect score as a 10/10 doesn't mean that the game is flawless

ZBlacktt1562d ago

Yes, even the single player has so many exploits. Go look on Youtube. It means pretty sad testing. There was a money exploit the very first day were you could buy out all the weapons in a shop. Go out side, kill yourself and you'd get all your money back and still have the weapons you bought before hand.

twosolitudes1561d ago

Even with its glitches, this game is truly awesome. 10/10.

I pity poor souls nurturing an irrational grudge against it, because they are missing out.