Gears of War 2 Details from Comic Con

Apart from publishers who are hawking games based on superhero licenses, game people tend not to be too forthcoming about their projects when you corner them at comic book conventions. To quote Mike Capps from Epic Games, the real reason he's here is a result of him "leveraging [his] job to be able to do things like come to New York Comic Con for free."

Nice of him, then, to carve out some time to host a panel on Gears of War 2, isn't it? Make no mistake: this wasn't a concession to the press. Capps' panel was a way to engage Gears fans in a direct dialogue, and he's got quite a way with them. In this spirit of exchange, Capps and company kept their monologues short, setting aside most of their time for a lengthy Q&A with attendees.

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chaosatom3333888d ago

maybe that's why they have Epic in there name, lol.


chaosatom3333888d ago

wow. nobody read the article.

iAmPS33888d ago


"For those gamers hoping for a higher player count in multiplayer, you may be dissapointed come November. When asked about the possibility of 16 players in multiplayer, Capps responded by stating that if they were to do 8 vs. 8, it wouldn’t be Gears anymore."

I think that 4x4 does not bring to much fun to the table, Gears need a revamp on the multilayer component. Too bad they are not going to add anything special.

LostChild3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

This is why I stopped playing GOW online. The 4vs4 was getting boring and because of this player limit, a lot of friends where left out, waiting for someone to leave the room to get in on all the fun. Very uncool. This is 2008, give the host the option to set how many players can join a room with 8vs8 being the max and 1vs1 being the minimum. Com'on already Epic. I see why COD4 is kicking everyone butt. Plus, I hope they didn't leave 4player co-op out for the sake of someone has to die in the 4man squad for story driven purposes again. No one has to die in your squad every freaking time an away team goes on a mission. Show us a reason why Delta Squad is such a badass group without sacrificing one of them for no good reason at all except, oh, one them has to die to capture emotion.

dan-boy3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

come on admit it, you've never even played gears have you! 16 players would be too much for gears. with that amount of players, games could quite easily be spoilt. hold on, and where does it say in that link that there's no 8-vs-8....and i also could'nt find your quote

12 would be more than enough for gears, i just hope that they put some game modes in aswell.

iAmPS33888d ago

"For those gamers hoping for a higher player count in multiplayer, you may be dissapointed come November. When asked about the possibility of 16 players in multiplayer, Capps responded by stating that if they were to do 8 vs. 8, it wouldn’t be Gears anymore."

LOL.... what a crappy ass game, those EPIC guys regret every single second the day they were forced to work with the 360.

Resistance 2 with 30x30 online and GeOW 2 still 4x4..... LOL....


JasonPC360PS3Wii3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

And the first Gears still looks better than anything on the PS3, sold more, and made GOTY. You can't say the same, can you?


Varsarus3888d ago

still looks better?, dude, I can compare the graphics to Gears with UT3 on PS3.

DJ3888d ago

Gears 2 got upgraded to 5 vs. 5 online battles. Now it's only 1/6th of what Resistance 2 can pull off.

RealTimeWeaponChange3887d ago

LMFAO. u guys are so f*cking stupid. I mean, I feel bad for the future sake of humanity if this is what we have to look forward to. You Playstation shooter n00bs can rot in hell. you're pathetic existence is not not even explaining to the genius of tuned, strategic MP gameplay with smaller teams versus an incoherent chatroom orgy f*ck-fest. You honestly don't think 360 can do more than 5V5? really? wow, you guys are f*cking worthless scumsucking sacks of sh1t. I really hope u all know that. every single one of you.

Gears 2 will f*cking end your sad lives. Bow or die.

power of Green 3887d ago

Does DJ act this stupid or is he really this moronic?. Seems like he pretends to be an idiot if he can get some gabs in. He could really be this stupid. 60 players in Resistance 2 or 200 players in Huxley; Gears isn't a FPS frag fest as this idiot is selectively ignoring to bash. Epic would have to be very careful to save the core cover gameplay with the personal intense battles just adding 3 or 4 more players on two teams each.

RealTimeWeaponChange3887d ago

I just finished playing Gears. What an amazingly great game. No UT game can come close to this game. Gears is like a chess match. Slow, strategic moves around the map between you, your team, and the enemy. It's so amazing. No other shooter on this planet gives you this feeling or offers this depth of strategy in its gameplay.

then you have UT3, constipation 2, all these other n00b shooters, etc. which feel like 100 games of checkers all at once. random orgy f*ck chatrooms. Yeah, that's fun. not. If I want that I'll dust off Quake 3 or 4, or UT on PC. Wow.

I'm more concerned about actual gameplay than I am about a useless number I can brag to my fellow worthless scum sucking idiot droid army commanders. Like 360 can't do more than that. LOL. wow. sad f*cks make me sick.

Gears sold more for a reason. UT3 isn't selling for a reason. The one thing these idiots don't get. And it took what two years for Constipation 1 to sell a million units? LOL. Gears 1 already sold over 6 million. stupid n00bs can;t even do simple math.

Gears 2 > > > > > Constipation 2.

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cr33ping_death3888d ago

im leaving and havent reead the article, so not even a 6 v 6? its still 4v4?

spike3888d ago

Game Of The Year. PS3 SUCKS.

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