Telltale customers unable to play The Wolf Among Us due to online DRM

Gamers who purchased Telltale's new adventure game The Wolf Among Us directly from Telltale can't play the game - why? Telltale's servers are busy or down, and the online DRM won't let them register the game. So, they're stuck with a game they can't play.

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KrisButtar1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

I miss the good old days when you bought a disc based game and you could play it. They seem to be gone now because of DRM and every game publisher trying to make persistent worlds. Guess people should just wait until the game is heavily discounted before they purchase because at that time most if not all the problems would be fixed.

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brish1651d ago

I have a different solution. I don't buy games that do this garbage.

I'm not suggesting pirating just buy games from companies that don't screw over their customers.

Anthotis1651d ago

This new trend of "persistent world" games is simply BS draconian always online DRM by the back door.

KrisButtar1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )


I usually don't/haven't, considering Internet services only arrived in my area just before E3. Most of the blockbuster games at E3 had " persistent worlds" which is another way of saying DRM and its the way the industry is going/trending, people are going to go out in masses and get these games (Destiny, Crew, Division, Titanfall,etc.) Might as well wait 6 months and get it for cheap and not have to worry about all the DRM/Server problems because its already here to stay

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zeal0us1651d ago

Online DRM cause more problems for legitimate customers than pirates. So why in the hell are we still this dated security measure.

Eamon1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

It actually causes no problems for pirating because once a guy cracks the DRM, the millions that torrent it after can install with ease with nothing stopping them.

So if DRM doesn't stop pirating. What does it stop?

Used games. So you don't re-sell it or give it to a friend.

Cueil1651d ago

if by Online DRM they mean signing into your account to varify purchase... I guess you can go that far... you'd have to do the same for any digital content in one way or the other... sign into steam... sign into gog... I had no issues playing the game myself

Chrono1651d ago

Meanwhile, pirates can play the game fine.

MasterCornholio1651d ago

See that's why online DRM can be bad for gamers.

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