The Great Race And Gender Debate Of Grand Theft Auto V

WGTC writes: We have become spoiled, whiny brats, who, for some inexplicable reason, feel that the world owes us. Sadly, the internet age has only made it worse, giving a voice to all the weak willed and lonesome trolls who live in their parents basement and suddenly, for the first time in all their lives, have a megaphone through which to spew their sad and pointless angst.

Of course, Rockstar is on the receiving end of some of that angst right now. This time, they are being taken apart for how the deal with race and gender in GTA V. But let’s not forget, this is Rockstar, and to imply they don’t know what their doing is to laugh in the face of the fact that they just made $800 million dollars……in ONE DAY.

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