GTA Online – Dear Rockstar, Fix Or Get Rid Of The “Bad Sport” System

MP1st - Are we seriously getting punished for playing the game the way it was meant to be played?

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Tooly1713d ago

exactlt they added another day and i didn even do anyhing

XB1_PS41713d ago

Someone in the bad sport lobby probably reported you.. I've heard that happening often. People that are about to get out, report everyone in a lobby to get them more time before they leave.

hay1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

GTA, game about stealing, murdering, lying, cheating, drug dealing, pimping, sexualizing is dividing its online populace amonge good and bad sociopaths. Hilarious :D
He acutally did receive Bad Sport for destroing insured vehicle, I did receive warning for this kind of behavior.
Soooo... Yeah, GTA Online where you get paid for flattening others or various genocides, but if you destroy insured car, you sure are a bad, bad, bad, BAD sport.
You just need to be controlled sociopath in this game. Don't get me wrong, I do somehow enjoy Online despite the fact that you have to grind money here, while single shits with $ left and right, but some mechanics REQUIRE to be a bit more thought through.

MysticStrummer1713d ago

I didn't even know you could report people. I thought it just happened automatically, but I also thought it was mainly to prevent people from leaving a job before completion. The only time I got a warning was when my PS3 froze during a job and I had to restart.

Jaces1713d ago

I thought the only way to be a bad sport was to leave a mission/race, whatever, early. Anyway I've been a good lad and earlier today I received $1000. Pretty neat I guess but a new car or something would've been nice too. lol!

T21712d ago

Screw that some guy killed me while getting in a chopper , but he left his car there ... That car got it good lol... Report away I dont care

3-4-51713d ago

Pretty much over this game now. It was great for a week. Online was even fun for 3-4 days. It lost it's appeal and all the things I'd imagined would be possible are nothing be that....images in my mind that never came to fruition.

I'd rate it 9.2/10, but it could have been so much better. I expect more from 4 years in development.

paul-p19881711d ago

They are releasing the content in stages, the heists are what most people are looking forward to.
I assume they are doing it that way so lvl 1's don't just try to charge into the union depository and steal the gold like in single player

I'm still loving the online, and i never normally play a game for the online mode as i prefer offline games. There's just something about the online modes in GTA that keep me coming back for more, and most of the content hasn't even been released yet!

obelix011713d ago

Always deposit your money on your mobile phone so nobody can steal it even if your killed. It is BS that you will have someone with a 132 experience level play Death match will people between 1-20 experience level. Its not fair but you can choose to host your events so you make your own rules. There are ways to make GTA online work in your favor if you figure out how to do it.

HammadTheBeast1713d ago

It's not about the money. Yesterday, I was ambushed by 2 guys in my car who I led on a chase across the city before killing them (very clutch, I must say). As a victory trophy, I threw a grenade at each of their cars.

I was luckily let off with a warning, but really? They ambushed me, yet I got penalized for destroying their cars.

hay1713d ago

Well... The game was designed to allow others to gank on pretty anyone on map, yet as it usually happens with Online component, they weren't able to check all scenarios, including this, or the glitch where after selling your vehicle and going to online store, vehicle was respawned yet you keep the money.
All of this bears marks of a scenario that simply hasn't been tested or predicted. It should be fixed soon.

KillrateOmega1713d ago

I hear you, man. You being punished for that seems like some bs in my eyes.

DeadIIIRed1713d ago

Yeah I got a warning for also blowing up a guys car with a sticky grenade after he ran down my friend and started shooting at me.

rdgneoz31713d ago

Had a guy try to run me over. Shot him dead, stole his car, drove it away towards an alley, threw 2 sticky bombs on it, and waited for him to come for it. As soon as he got near it, they both of them blew sky high. I got a warning for beating someone at their own game...

buynit1712d ago

Yea what's up with the rank System?! I just started playing online yesterday and my first race was with ppl at 70 and over while i was at 2 or 3 talk about feeling intimidated and no chance of winning. So i just been playing solo doing races and robberies by my self, i kind of wish i could do heists in sp and let friends join me from time to time.

I don't want to play against a group that has been playing the game non stop since online started to only get killed over and over because they are more experienced, but i guess getting labled as a "good sport" for being target practice makes up for It?

I see what rockstar is doing and its great but its just not fine tuned yet. I hope r* makes it all work and it turns into the best online game to play with what it has to offer.

Right now what turns me off is the rank System, fix that and im back in... In the mean time can i get the online portion of the game off Line? With a easy medium hard ai Option? That way i can practice, then jump in online and have a better chance and actually enjoy it cause good sport doesn't cut it...

xxxsiegezzz1713d ago

GTA online sucks at it's current state.
I'm not sure will I be able to play it before nextgen arrives

XB1_PS41713d ago

I have 40+ solid fun ass hours in GTA online. It hasn't given me issues since the third day.

Thatlalala1713d ago

Still sucks.. Your point is irrelevant

KYU21301713d ago

its playable now. I had major issues with it but the last 3-4 days the game has been stable.

MysticStrummer1713d ago

When was the last time you tried it? I couldn't play for about the first four days, but since then I've mostly been trouble free, except for occasional minor issues.

xxxsiegezzz1712d ago

I played it few days ago. Problems that i noticed:
- Joining one race takes 5 minutes.
- I became bad sport because i just shoot someones car.
- I can't play with my friends.

It's playable now, but it isn't fun.

BattleTorn1713d ago

I am in love with GTA: Online - but I have been mainly playing solo - or exclusively with friends, and crew.

I have question, does you entire pocket cash actually drop when you die in free-roam? Cause I yet to see this (and I've put in 70hrs online)

I've never picked up more than $100, and don't believe I've ever 'dropped' more than a couple hundred.

Can player actually pick up your entire cash on hand - like everyone says when they say "better use ATM" - or it a load of bull?

Heisenburger1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

You get a warning that says basically "you are carrying over five thousand dollars..other players can steal it..."

I've only really had to worry about it when I've completed a few races and I have that lump sum in my wallet.

People also wait to ambush you after you sell a high-end vehicle.

So I've played in a friends-only mode, and will continue to do so until my partner and I have an apartment. That way we won't have to stress over the ridiculous medical bills.

Edit: In case you didn't know, you can deposit your money through the internet on your phone.

1. Internet
2. Click on Money and financial
3. Third icon down will be the bank

4. Click on main menu

And you can definitely handle it from there.

BattleTorn1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

I'm well aware of the "5K warning" - just I've never seen myself actually lose my pocket cash.

Like someone said below, I guess it's just a percentage.

PS: I use the phone most of the time, but I still do like using ol' physical ATMs (like I did for the first week unknowing)

wannabe gamer1713d ago

phone is really the best and quickest way to do it. ive never used an atm once in fact

XB1_PS41713d ago

You don't loose it all from my understanding, but you do loose a percentage. If you're carrying a lot you'll drop more.

Noctis1713d ago

thats what i wonder too

HarryB1713d ago

Dear rock star,

Bring gta 5 to pc so we can mod it play it. Nothing wrong witb being iron man or superman I gta. Thats why I liked gta 4. Still play gt4 just so I can throw a car in the air catch it and throw it down on a unexpected pedestrian.

MysticStrummer1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

I doubt mods are the reason for a PC version delay, or that hearing about mods is much incentive for them to bring a PC version faster.

EDIT - I didn't hit disagree... just saying.

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