Unknown Xbox One Zombie Game Innovating With Kinect

Vultra writes:

"Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson aka Larry Hryb gives new details on how including a Kinect sensor with every Xbox One is giving every developer new canvases to innovate."

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-Foxtrot1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

An unknown Zombie game...don't they have Dead Rising 3 as their Zombie franchise.

Wouldn't that game be the one which is able to do this ?

ProA0071562d ago

it's a launch title so I doubt it. And if it was, i don't see why he couldn't just say it. Sounds like an unannounced title to me. Dunno

JokesOnYou1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

"One of the games is working on this concept when it's darker, there may be more zombies on the screen. When you make noise, the zombies will come towards you. So you have to be quiet, in your own room. So if your little brother comes in and makes noise, zombies will come after you."

-I'm pretty sure DR3 devs have talked about a gameplay element similar to this in their game, maybe thats what he's referencing if not its weird cause he speaks as if hes not aware of this when he says "working on this concept"....honestly I wouldn't put too much stock in Major hinting at anything really new or coming, hes not the best source for new info as hes just a PR guy who is better suited for promoting already known content.

"Xbox One Kinect integration allows zombies to respond to loud noises, bright lights and motion in the real world, along with the ability to grapple zombies and fling them off by shaking the controller."

-OK so obviously its not a concept as DR3 zombies respond to "loud" noises.

ShwankyShpanky1561d ago

What the devs specifically say is that you can yell at zombies to get their attention, not that they will necessarily respond to general loud noises in the vicinity.

Fireseed1562d ago

Well seeing as you usually build gameplay elements it would be pretty awkward to saddle Kinect features on to a game with already established mechanics.

Mystogan1562d ago

I'm pretty sure he's talking about dead rising 3. Not some new zombie game.

sonarus1562d ago

i dnt give a fuk if it innovates i am not interested in motion technology. I play games to relax not flail ma arms at a camera so can you not bundle it with every console. Thanks

1562d ago
JokesOnYou1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

Sonarus, Sure they can it just means you shouldn't buy it.

btw this particular news piece is about how kinect will pick up noise causing zombies to come towards you= no flailing involved just sound but thanks for your input. See you on the next kinect thread just to tell us you dont want to "flail ma arms". I'll pretend to be just as shocked that you clicked on yet another kinect thread that you care nothing about just to to us how you feel. lol

sonarus1562d ago

Being honest I'm far more passionate about my hate for kinnect than ps4 rot xbox one. I still hate myself for being suckered into paying 90 bucks to try it out

mhunterjr1562d ago

I'm not sure why you got so many disagrees because dr3 IS the game that does this. They've talked about this feature quite i bit already.

BallsEye1561d ago

Actually it was confirmed that characters from dead rising 3 can call you on your mobile phone, zombies can hear when you are noisy in your room and can see movement. I'm pretty sure he's talking about dr3.

ShwankyShpanky1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

"So if your little brother comes in and makes noise, zombies will come after you."

Wait wait wait... I thought DR3 was supposed to be doing this? I recall it being said that this was something that "could" be done in DR3, and then somewhere along the line the fanboys morphed it into something DR3 "will" do. But Hryb's statement implies that it's a feature for a game still in development, which would imply that it's NOT DR3.

I'm gonna have myself a nice little chuckle if DR3 does not have this feature that so many have hyped as one of the launch game's "immersive gaming experiences only possible with Kinect" (or any USB microphone, but w/e).

P.S. "The AI can say 'hey, I'm talking to you,' because it knows you're not paying attention."

NUads FTW, amirite?

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AridSpider1562d ago

If it's Left 4 Dead 3 then prepare my bucket. incoming drool in 3...2..1..

SpiralTear1562d ago

There are many, MANY reasons why it's not Left 4 Dead 3, one of which is that Valve is not at all pleased with Microsoft these days.

Pandamobile1562d ago

Valve aren't really pleased with anyone right now.

Trekster_Gamer1562d ago

Based one the facts you just submitted there is no way it could be lfd3?!?!

robotgargoyle1562d ago

I don't think so either, unfortunately. Maybe DR3 (1st game- zombies were more prevalent/stronger at night) or that new Dying Light game. Unless, a new State of Decay is being readied (which I doubt, since it was just released like two months ago), I'd bet on the formers.

Would love Left 4 Dead 3. Think Valve is anti-Microsoft. Unlikely I'll get to play it if it only comes to PCs and steam machines.

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JackStraw1562d ago

the most overrated zombie game ever. yes, give us all more.


JasonKCK1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

Valves games will no longer grace consoles. If you want to play their games get a PC or Steam Box.

HystericalGamez1562d ago

Hopefully this is a new Undead Labs game, seeing they work under Microsoft Studio's. Would be pretty sweet to see Class 4 come out on the Xbone and PC.

PFFT1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

Class4 is in the works for both PC and Xbox. It will be a full on retail and an MMO at that. Cant wait for them to release more info besides that.

Blaze9291562d ago

gotta love zombie games. ish never gets old lol

Viking_Socrates1562d ago

I doubt it's Left 4 dead 3, might be something new which will be interesting.

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