FuturLab Asks Daily Reaction: How Can We Educate Gamers About the Importance of Indies?

After nearly a whole week of Ask DR specials, that saw Media Molecule and Randy Pitchford pitch us media some questions, we’re closing out the week with yet another awesome guest. As the guys behind Velocity Ultra and Velocity 2X, FuturLab are one of PlayStation’s biggest indie devs, so their Managing Director, James Marsden, had a question about the scene for us. - PSLS

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Foolsjoker1771d ago

Yet another awesome Ask DR!

Enemy1771d ago

FuturLab is awesome as hell.

knifefight1771d ago

I loved them back when they were PastLab too.

kalkano1771d ago

To me, indies are a "catch 22". If successful, they could, potentially, bring other genres back into the AAA space. But, most indies just come off (to me) as shovelware, and I'm not interested. So, I don't buy them (which obviously doesn't help them become successful).

Pandamobile1771d ago

That's a really crappy attitude. Some of the best games I've played in the last 5 years have been indie titles.

ftwrthtx1771d ago

Indies drive AAA devs to make better games, therefore they are a much needed arm of the industry.

zhuk is god1771d ago

Sorry but not, I prefer AAA titles always, there are many interesting indies titles out there, but too much showelware.

Do you wanna start the home cinema, sit comfortably in your sofá? A AAA title.

Do you travel in a car or metro, there's nothing to do?
A indie game or mobile game.

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