Naruto Storm 3: Full Burst – More Sage Mode Kabuto Gameplay

Saiyan Island players with the newest playable character in the game.

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tayz1715d ago

he looks like a cool character. don't want to pay for him tho.

Blaze9291715d ago

could care less about Kabuto, how do they completely ignore playable ego kages still!? WHO was asking for Kabuto ffs?

HystericalGamez1715d ago

I actually hoped that they would add Kabuto in before. They crying and bickering about the Edo Kage's has to stop. Realistically you people know that the Edo Kage will be in the Next Game. Stop complaining and enjoy the content we have now, now the stuff coming in the future.

1715d ago
zep1714d ago

this is the next game ppl can play with edo kages on the last game using mods but they didnt still put the edo kages on this NEXT GAME you clearly don't know what are you talking about i repeat this is the NEXT GAME