Video Game Magazines Retrospective

Video game magazines are all but dead. Over the last few years almost every video game magazine has ceased to exist. OPM, PSM Gamepro and Nintendo Power just to name a few have sadly shutdown. These great publications are gone but why and can they come back?

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Klonopin1773d ago

PLAY magazine was a really good publication.


it makes me sad to know that theres no room left in the world for print media these days. i remember when just a few years ago id be so excited to find a new game informer in the mail and spend the next hour reading carefully through every page.

those were the days where i wasnt wasting my time on gaming forums, shuffling through all the weak rumors and dribble of the game community. the good ol' days.

explicitbaron1773d ago

I do hope a few magazines come back as quarterly or bimonthly magazines. OPM could do it and have some exclusives with Playstation developers.