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"Technically Beyond: Two Souls a point and click game where I control both Jodie and Aiden. You can play a co-op with two controllers or via iPad but really it's more of a relay gambling when Jodie and Aiden never checked simultaneously. The game mechanics are very simple. Besides navigating through confined spaces, all commands location or context-specific. For example you can just shoot the enemies when you are in the right places and once you do you can not miss."

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hulk_bash19871656d ago

Love this game. I dont care what all the bad reviews say. It is an amazing gaming experience that I loved playing all the way through.

isa_scout1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Yeah, it's like a movie. No one enjoys the same movies as everyone else. Personally, I think Beyond:Two Souls is much better than Heavy Rain, and I can't wait to start my second playthrough. The last of Us may be the best game I've played this generation, but Beyond is by far one of the greatest experiences I've ever enjoyed.

SolidGear31656d ago

GOTY next to The Last of Us and BioShock Infinite!