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The outstanding graphics and phenomenal acting of Beyond Two Souls can’t save the game from its awful script. Here is Den of Geek's full review.

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GentlemenRUs1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )


I bet they gave CoD a 10...

kratos_TheGoat1808d ago

they gave cod a solid 9 lmao

KUV19771808d ago

Well, at least CoD does what it advertizes very well, so it deserves a high rating in its frame of reference. Beyond advertizes super-emotional engaging story and then delivers a cliche-ridden nonsensical approximation of a story... just as it did with Heavy Rain.

DragonKnight1808d ago

Looks like KUV1977 reviewed the game and probably CoD as well given the nearly identical quote used in his comment and the review.

That anyone can give CoD a 9 for anything other than "successfully allows you to turn your brain off" and then give Beyond a 6.8 (because an 8th of a point is a real score /s) is laughably stupid and incredibly wrong.

KUV19771808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

I didn't even read the review but I find it amusing how a bad review is always faulty and a great one is right. I am also not a great CoD-Fan and would personally give CoD around a 7 but with CoD I can see how a fan of twitchy shooters can love the game. So who is the target-group for Beyond? People who enjoy story-driven games, yet Cage just can't write good stories. QDs games are technically great but they should hire a good writer and not let Cage write that cringeworthy stuff.

DragonKnight1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

By whose standard but your own do you gauge David Cage's story telling capability? On what authority do you believe you have the right make a claim such as that?

Just like I can sit here and say that CoD is trash, and you can regurgitate the review of Beyond (funny you say you didn't read it despite the use of the exact words the review author used), neither is anything more than subjective opinion and yet here you are stating what you think to be an absolute fact.

So tell me. When someone enjoys the story of Beyond, are you right or are they right?

@Below: A review that isn't as good as I want it to be (keeping in mind I never stated my actual opinion on the review) isn't necessarily wrong by default. It's wrong when it's wrong. A 6.8 is wrong by default. A .8? Really? Anyway, care to answer the question? Your statement said the story was nonsensical and cliche. So what if someone didn't see it that way? Is the story still nonsensical and cliche?

KUV19771808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

I am stating my opinion and you are free to have a different one. Good for you. I just find it very funny that a review that is not as great as you want it to be must be wrong by default. You are the one who is not tolerating different opinions. I stand by my opinion and I don't understand yours. I am not saying you must or should change it. I also don't care if you believe whether I have read the review or not. Using the same phrases to describe the game just goes to show that neither the author nor I am alone in this opinion. Also check Metacritic and read other user-reviews for more of both opinions.

EDIT: Now I read parts of the review. You doubt my statement because I used the words cliche and nonsensical? Right, those words should never come to anyone's mind after playing Beyond. If you check my comments-history you will see that I posted very similar comments days ago.

DragonKnight1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

And one final time. You say the story is cliched and nonsensical. In fact your tone suggests that that's an absolute truth.

So if someone like the story and doesn't think it's cliched or nonsensical, are they wrong and you're right?

@Below: Doesn't work that way. There is no authority in subjectivity.

So you get the question as well. Considering that it's obvious that you also believe the story to be poor, are you right and someone who doesn't think of it as poor wrong?

Does your lack of enjoyment of the story mean no one can enjoy it, or that if they do they simply don't know what a good story is and thus don't know what to REALLY enjoy and what to hate by consensus?

Neckbear1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

"By whose standard but your own do you gauge David Cage's story telling capability? On what authority do you believe you have the right make a claim such as that?"

Anyone who has seen a well-written movie, anyone who has read a classic book, and anyone who has seen a good television series has the right to make that claim.

Try, for example, comparing Beyond to Donnie Darko: both tales pertain to a coming of age genre, yet only one does it believably while mantaining an overarching supernatural plot and not falling flat on its face, with believable dialogue and characters.

Guess which one it is?

In storytelling, there's some sort of chance for a "your mileage may vary" when it comes to story points and revelations, yet generally people tend to agree on what makes a great story and what doesn't, disregarding personal opinions to have a solid consensus on what's good writing, good development, and more.

This is why literary and visual classics exist, from movies like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly; City of God or Apocalypse Now, to books like It; The Adventures of Huckeberry Flinn; 1984; War and Peace, to comic books like Watchmen, to videogames like, well, not Beyond, that's for sure.

Ducky1808d ago

It's quite funny to see someone call another person stupid for giving CoD a 9...

... but then tries to chastise someone else when they say Cage is a bad writer.

DragonKnight1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

@Ducky: Ah, I've been expecting you. Your appearances are predictable.

Yes, I did call someone stupid for giving CoD a 9 because CoD is the same game all the time and gets a pass for what other games don't. After awhile of the same game getting the same scores you start to notice that it's not even about the game anymore and it becomes quite easy to state that CoD doesn't deserve the scores it gets. But a new IP is different.

But, am I chastising someone for saying David Cage is a bad writer, or for stating that Beyond has a nonsensical/cliched/bad story as some kind of universally known and accepted consensus?

Did I not ask the question of if one person says that about the story, and yet another person doesn't think that way, which is right?

Ah but I forget your style of commenting. It doesn't matter what I say, you've latched on to something now and are going to argue about it in the same way you always do.

Ducky1808d ago

I don't see where KUV said that it was a universally accepted fact.
Was pretty obvious to me that he was giving an opinion.

It's not an unpopular opinion either. Plenty of reviewers have criticized Beyond's story.

If someone else likes it, then that's great that they get to enjoy it. I believe KUV still has the right to express his opinion if he didn't enjoy it.
... something which seems to bother you, all the while you call others 'stupid' for enjoying what they like.

Double-standards seem to be your thing.
You accuse others of latching on to something and arguing it, while irony stares you right in the face.

KUV19771808d ago

Well, even if you misread my first post as 'stating an obvious fact' I clarified explicitly that I was stating an opinion, that I couldn't understand how one would think Beyond has a great story, and - get this - how everyone is free to have a different opinion, even though I don't understand it. What I find problematic is that you try to put me into a corner where I look like an ignorant fool, when several people unable to accept a review stating the game is poor are supported in their view. I even referred to Metacritic for more of BOTH opinions, to support the fact that both a good and a bad view of this game exists. I did this just to demonstrate that my view is just as valid as yours (minus the 'people with other opinions are stupid' bit). I certainly wouldn't have send you to a place where there are a ton of tens for this game - again which I don't understand - if I had tried to maintain a position that my opinion is the only right one.

DragonKnight1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

@Ducky: "I don't see where KUV said that it was a universally accepted fact.
Was pretty obvious to me that he was giving an opinion."

He didn't literally say "it's a universally accepted fact" and I didn't say that he said that explicitly. I said "as some kind of universally known and accepted consensus" due to the tone of not only his opinion on the game, but others in this very thread with the same sentiment. Despite how he says "I just couldn't understand how people think the story is good" he didn't say that until called out for stating that Beyond doesn't deliver on what it advertises. There was no "in my opinion" or "to me" it was stated outright as though it should have been the logical conclusion anyone came to.

And when I consistently asked if his opinion is the right one when someone doesn't think that the game delivers that kind of story, he instead just points me to metacritic to show me other opinions of people who have the same one as him (and yes others that don't) as if to say "well other people think the same way so I must be right." So I guess the opinions of people who didn't feel that way were wrong then, but still valid right?

"If someone else likes it, then that's great that they get to enjoy it. I believe KUV still has the right to express his opinion if he didn't enjoy it.
... something which seems to bother you, all the while you call others 'stupid' for enjoying what they like."

I like when people like you use the phrase "something which seems to bother you." You have to attach emotion to internet conversation or else you can't comprehend what others say or why they say it. I also like how you try to twist the reasoning into me attacking what people enjoy all while ignoring that I have been asking about the people who enjoy Beyond this whole time. Nowhere did I say someone can't express their opinion, I in fact have been asking about the opposite spectrum the whole time, but let's forget that because it doesn't fit in to your "you are bothered with people's opinions" argument.

"Double-standards seem to be your thing.
You accuse others of latching on to something and arguing it, while irony stares you right in the face."

Irony. Glad you brought it up actually. You're here right now bathed in it. You're attacking me for stating that giving CoD a 9 and Beyond a 6.8 is stupid, all while having been upset that people didn't pay enough attention to the death of Hiroshi Yamauchi and instead N4G had an article about PS4's stacked on top of each other. It obviously bothered you that you felt that Yamauchi's death was more important and yet no one was paying it the attention you would have liked so, hey why not post a sarcastic comment indicting everyone on N4G for a lack of respect and priorities.

Because EVERYONE who is a gamer should know who Yamauchi was, and cry like babies over his death, and if there isn't an entire week filled with R.I.P Yamauchi comments then you'll be unhappy right? Pot meet Kettle.

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Upstate89871807d ago

Excluding Black Ops 2 (which I reviewed for Den of Geek, and yes it is a high quality title), those other reviews are from the UK site, just imported to US site before they had any writers.

But, my point is that you're judging one writer's review (in this case Jason Gallagher) based on the reviews and opinions of another reviewer on the site (Me...Robert Bernstein).

Your argument is not sound.

goldwyncq1808d ago

Stop bringing up COD everytime someone gives this game a negative review. That's no different to the "You don't like the music that I like, so you must be a Bieber fan" type of logic.

_QQ_1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

David cage writes B movies, thats all there is to it, if a game is nothing but story then it better have a damn good one to be an 8,9 or 10/10.For people giving this game 10/10 your telling me it stacks up against starwars,The GodFather,Once Upon a Time in the West, or Lord Of The Rings? for people saying its a 9 or 8 thats basically saying its on par with The Artist, Good will hunting, No Country for Old Men,Butch cassidy and the Sundance kid,The Dark knight, or other movies of that level? No Way.

1808d ago
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corvusmd1808d ago

It's funny how all the PS run sites or PS fanboys that review this game give it a 10, then all the unbiased sources give it like a 6-7

kratos_TheGoat1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

beyond 2 soul is not a 10 but a 6.8 hell no beyond 2 soul i give it 9.2 for a fact that i love the game. but i bet money u didn't even play the game troll

DragonKnight1808d ago

"Unbiased sources give...."

Unbiased sources?

Half-Mafia1808d ago

By that logic shouldn't IGN and Gamespot reviews score be the other way round.

SpiralTear1808d ago

"Beyond: Two Souls’ story is a clichéd, nonsensical, boring mess that will make you cringe."

This is the first review I've read of Beyond: Two Souls that says this. A huge majority of the reception I've heard say that the story is very original and creative and is the best part all around, with much of the criticism coming from the gameplay. Kinda hard to take this review seriously, in that respect.

KUV19771808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Then read more reviews. The story is very often criticized for being nonsensical and full of cliche. Cage tries to hard to force 'emotions, emotions, emotions'. It's just not believable.

DragonKnight1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

You're a fan of regurgitation aren't you?

@Below: Re-read your comments in this very thread.

KUV19771808d ago

Interesting... Could you elaborate?

smokeyjoekenobi1808d ago

Exactly, It's like people want it valued on It's own merits, which by most accounts would be the story and then when anyone with half a brain calls it out for having a wafer thin, pretentious story suddenly no one gets this high-brow work of genius! Sorry you can't have it both ways, it's either an interactive story or a video game through and through.

ifritAlkhemyst1808d ago

There is a difference between story and storytelling, something I don't think is clarified often enough. The story itself may be interesting, but it may be told in a way that is cliched, nonsensical, and boring.

Which frankly, all sound exactly like Cage's MO.

SpiralTear1807d ago

I agree: there is definitely a difference between what a narrative presents and how a narrative presents.

While I haven't played Beyond: Two Souls myself just yet, I'm kind of on the fence to give it a shot. I hate QTE's and find them more distracting to an engaging story than contributory, but I am a fan of films like Memento that skew chronological continuity with their storytelling. From what I've read, Beyond does that a lot, so I might give it a go.

Viking_Socrates1808d ago

Personally I've really enjoyed Beyond immensely and could care less about the positive or negative reviews about the game.

ChipChipperson1808d ago

Who the fuck disagrees with Viking's comment?! This is the attitude people should have when they enjoy a game nowadays.

DragonKnight1808d ago

It's like I was asking above. If you like a game that people try to state, as fact, has a nonsensical/cliched story; you're wrong even if you enjoyed it and they're right. You just don't know any better and shouldn't enjoy a game that some other person thinks has a nonsensical/cliched story.

Come on now, that's "Opinion Swaying" 101.

nope1111808d ago

6.8 is pretty generous. Biggest disappointment of the year for me :(

Shame really, i enjoyed David's previous games.

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