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Review: Nintendo 2DS makes portable gaming affordable and suitable for everyone - Examiner

This holiday season, many will have a single thought on their mind: 2D, or not 2D, that is the question. Well, we have the answer. On Oct. 12 along with Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, Nintendo will release a new Nintendo 3DS model handheld system without the 3D visual effect. This newly designed portable is aptly named the Nintendo 2DS to reflect the change – please note that Nintendo 2DS is compatible with all 3DS and DS software. (3DS) 4/5

Juste_Belmont  +   692d ago
I already have a 3DS and even though I was a little wary of the 3D effect at first, I ended up really liking it and leave it on for all the games I play.

The 2DS sounded like a joke when I first heard of it, but it seems like it has the potential to really take off and the price is good too. My only complaint is that I wish Nintendo would have made the 3DS and 2DS region free.
Sly-Lupin  +   691d ago
To be fair, the "Wii," "WiiU," and "3DS" also sounded like jokes at first.

The only reason Nintendo is able to get away with it is because the brand (i.e. the actual word "Nintendo") is synonymous with "game console."
tubers  +   691d ago
How's the feel of comfort and balance on this thing when using the stylus extensively on "air" (not on lap or table).
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