Beyond Two Souls Goes Beyond The Typical Gaming Experience |

Beyond Two Souls tells the story of a girl named Jodie, who has a special gift. She’s tied to an entity from the spirit realm that gives her special abilities. There are those who want to help her learn to use her abilities and there are those who would exploit them. Jodie must navigate a world where she learns who she can trust and who she needs to be wary of.

But Beyond Two Souls is so much more than that.

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Pancit_Canton1739d ago

"To those critics who just didn’t get this game, I have to ask: what is wrong with you?" Too much FPS in the head, that's whats wrong. You become emotionless R- Tard cause all you do is shoot stuff in a meaningless way without any reasons behind it.

Neckbear1739d ago

And in Beyond meaningless stuff happens without any reasons behind it. That's the whole game. "Game".

1739d ago
admiralvic1739d ago

"Too much FPS in the head, that's whats wrong."

Why is the hate always directed at the FPS community with this game? I can't say this is my favorite community or the best community, but I can't see them caring about Beyond: Two Souls, so why must everything be directed at them negatively?

"You become emotionless R- Tard cause all you do is shoot stuff in a meaningless way without any reasons behind it."

Shooters have about as much justification you would have in real life... so where exactly is the problem? Most times you join the military for whatever reason (free college, save money, drafted, can't find a job, national pride, etc) and they send you to X place for Y reason. I doubt most people who were fighting in the middle east had some elaborate reason to fight. I wouldn't be shocked if many were doing it because of 9/11, they're going to kill me if I don't kill them, losing a buddy, or something else that you can find in any old military shooter.

So my question becomes, why is a game bad for being "without any reason behind it", but this sort of thing would be perfectly acceptable in real life? Even the bad games follow an acceptable format in terms of "reality". You get an objective / mission, they tell you as much as you need to know or as much as your clearance grants you and then you do it or die or fail or something, but very rarely is there that much depth going on.

iceman061738d ago

I don't think it's just with this game. I think that there is a generalized idea that the medium is somehow suffering because of the glut of FPS games. I personally don't care. I like some, some I don't. However this game is somewhat the polar opposite of a game where every second, every move keeps you on the average FPS that requires more twitch skills. As you said, shooters provide about as much justification as the average player requires. For some, that is enough. For others, they want more.

Soldierone1739d ago

Its amazing this game is getting praise from everyone but reviewers at "mainstream" outlets. They are so arrogant thinking they mean so much more than all the "small" guys, yet are so out of touch with the industry at this point.

chrissx1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

There's nothing wrong with this game. Its very good for its genre and for those who like these kinda games

SolidGear31738d ago

GOTY next to The Last of Us and BioShock Infinite