30° Iron Man Demo Impressions

On May 2, Iron Man, the latest Marvel comic book property to be swept up by Hollywood from the dark and dusty shelves of comic book stores, will be making its way onto the silver screen. Like the majority of other Marvel movies before it, this one also happens to have a videogame tie in. SEGA of America recently released a demo of the game, which is available on the Xbox Live Marketplace (one will shortly follow on the PlayStation Network) so that you can get a taste of the action before release day.

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Erasmus3888d ago

Not extremely pumped for the game but I am definitely looking forward to the movie.

BigKev453888d ago

It sucked, end of story.

thegamereviews3888d ago

They nailed flying down pretty well, targeting not so much. I am hopeful that the final release is a bit more polished.

Rockwallaby3888d ago

very disappointing.... movie should rock