Take a quiz on Xbox One, get 1 year of Xbox Live Gold for free

Microsoft is running a new deal for people who work at retailers who sell Xbox/Microsoft product where they are giving away one year of Xbox Live Gold for filling out an Xbox One assessment.

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Shadonic1354d ago

wish they were giving out xbox ones

FlameHawk1354d ago

This is for retail employees that sell Microsoft products like BestBuy, Walmart, and Gamestop, so it doesn't even apply to like 99% of us lol.

DJMarty1354d ago

M$ getting desperate now...............LOL

Sitdown1354d ago

Giving away a year of Xbox live for completing a survey.... what's next, researchers giving incentives to participants. Desperate times indeed.

PS: Sarcasm; since you probably are unable to figure that out.

PFFT1354d ago

Hmmmm they have always given away stuff to retail employees through this website so how can they be desperate????

mhunterjr1354d ago

This is desperate? Companies do things like this ALL THE TIME...

GraveLord1354d ago

If Microsoft had their shit together in the first place, maybe people wouldn't be so confused about what it can and can't do.

Sony PS4© Day 1

Viking_Socrates1354d ago

I kinda wish to see the test though just for the lulz.