Check Out “Apartment 4″, a PS4-Themed Apartment Created by Sony to Showcase the Console in France

If you’re eagerly awaiting the release of the PS4 you’re going to like this one: in order to showcase the PlayStation 4 to press, bloggers and industry professionals Sony France created what can easily be defined a PlayStation fan’s wet dream: a whole cozy apartment themed after the console where guests can enjoy quite a few games before the official release.

The apartment, aptly named “Apartment 4″ or “Appartement 4″ in French, will be open to those that received the invite until October the 18th, and it shines with PlayStation imagery and charm, including decorative armor suits and parrots.

Here are 36 pictures to get you in that PlayStation mood.

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Alex_Boro1743d ago

I hate when people break into my house and start taking pictures of it.

johndoe112111743d ago

Dude, what are you trying to do? I only rented you my apartment for a couple days, how the heck did it become your house?

1743d ago
amnalehu1743d ago

you took the words right out of my mouth...

cactusjack1742d ago

you just have to go to france.

ajax171742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Do Taco Bells even exist in France? I certainly hope not.

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Kayant1743d ago

I wish they had one in london...

Red_Devilz1743d ago

Apartment 4 - My new address. There will be a housewarming party on Nov 15th. Y'all are invited. :D

Nocando1743d ago

Got to admit that is very clever and cool.

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