Metal Gear Online beta open

The Metal Gear Online beta has now been officially opened.


Metal Gear Online beta officially cancelled until further notice:

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Somnus3893d ago

Finally logged in! D:

Violater3893d ago

Lies!!! i hate you

how many times did you try?

Spinner3893d ago

Are you from Europe?

Anyone from NA get past the login screen?

Somnus3893d ago

Alot...of course I'm out now -_-. I'm in the UK btw.

alan0013893d ago

same managed to log in after a few tries. at 1.2, im in th UK dunno if other regions can log in yet

MikeGdaGod3893d ago

"Unable to connect to server.(0901:FFFFFFEO)"

i'm in Chicago

pharmd3893d ago

and.......... BUST!!!!

jadenkorri3893d ago

the update oh god the update..once um in ill let u know ok

MJY2K3893d ago

That took me 6 hours to do! And now I can't start a game, just tells me can't connect and takes me back to the XMB.

Anyway sleep now, try later

Masta_fro3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

I just got in...i had been able to log on before but couldn't start the game. Now i Can! first screen is the Register new character...sweet.

you know, i just realized im gonna have a lot of fun with the character can raise/lower the dude's voice pitch..haha, Go,go,go..

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St03893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

Looks like they have the same problem as the Konami website.

"Disconnected from the network. Exiting the Game."


Edit: now im getting "Unable to connect to server"

Anyone else getting this?

davekelly3893d ago

wont accept my id or password. Damn

warden9763893d ago

and i know both of them are right...

Alcohog3893d ago

Warden, make sure you are entering you GameID and not your KonamiID.

davekelly3893d ago

im puttin in the correct id and password. this is a f*ckin joke

davekelly3893d ago

i got to the start screen then it booted me off. what is konami trying to do to me. are they doin this for fun?

Keowrath3893d ago

did you guys recieve and respond to the confirmation email? I can log into Konami site with my Konami ID but haven't recieved a confirmation email yet. Everytime I try to get the site to resend it times out.

In game I'm getting same message but I was wondering if it was down to the account not being "confirmed"

davekelly3893d ago

i got the conformation email straight after signing up and responded to it. it took ages to get past the terms and conditions page. just keep tryin is all that i can say.

zypher3893d ago

i signed up last night on, but didn't get my confirmation email until this morning. and even when i clicked on the confirmation link in the email, i kept getting a timed-out error. after about ten tries i finally confirmed my GameID, but whenever i try to log in through the actual game i get an error message. this is the first time i've ever participated in a Beta or an online game, and i must say its troublesome enough to discourage me from doing either again if i'll have to go through the same hassel.

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TheHater3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

Konami need to add several hundred more servers for this beta :)
I don't think people like being log out of their games.
I am about to test this baby out in another hour.

Edit: If you are not from the UK and some part of Europe, then you will have an error. The beta is currently only open to the UK and some part of Europe.

sonarus3893d ago

If you get into the beta, you need to tell us how it is. Friend invites, clan support e.t.c.

ICUP3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

F%ck!, i just check the playstation store for metal gear online is still not available to download yet, i thought the beta download is available for downloading on 17 and the beta open on 21, can any 1 answer my question please. >_<*

BTW I am from Canada.

PS- why do i get disagree for?

TheHater3893d ago

you have to preorder Metal Gear solid 4, and you get a beta code. You then enter the beta code, and it promote you to download the beta. You will not find the beta on the playstation store dude

St03893d ago

MGO is only on the PS Store if you live in Europe

Spinner3893d ago

You could try making a UK account and downloading it off the UK store.

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