French PSM3 magazine reviews GTA IV- Another Perfect score

A french magazine published a new review of GTA IV. These are the new information :

The immensity of the city is almost frightening

The graphics are very cared for whatever subject or detail. Everything shines, everything is beautiful!

Walking in San Andreas with no aim in the streets was sometimes boring. The beauty of Liberty City and its animation make walking a real pleasure

It's Roman that motivate Niko to start missions by always reminding him the big plans of the family Bellic.

You can make work joy girls.

Weapons stores will be in Liberty City

You'll be able to take the subway to travel LC

During the missions, Niko could put to good use his abilities to climb and infiltrate quietly.

In a mission, Niko and his friends had to steal the trunk of a bank using explosives. This was followed by a race with the SWAT, helicopters, and Niko had to take refuge in the Underground subway to gain $250000.

In the clothing stores, you choose your clothes and you try them directly.

The Pay N Spray is not being used to evade the cops, just to paint your car.

The only bugs noticed by the journalists are the problem of sight, and the heavy motions of the character.

Review score 20/20

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Fishy Fingers3888d ago

My copy better be on my door step come release day or someone's getting a fork in the eye.

Breakfast3888d ago

You shouldve just bought it at the store...more hassle, but you'll know you get it the first day.

Fishy Fingers3888d ago

All the shops near me are sold out, ALL of them. Mail order was my only opportunity to get it on release.

Breakfast3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

ooo...that sucks. I guess ill pray for you...i dont want anyone with a fork in the eye now.

Great Score by the way.

"The only bugs noticed by the journalists are the problem of sight"
You think they're talking about draw distance?

TheExecutive3888d ago

gettin my copy day one! Anywho, it looks like the city+Niko= one hell of an experience.

I cant believe how many people talk about the city and how alive it is. Everyone has been blown away by this city. Cant wait to walk around and find some hidden stuff!

Jinxstar3888d ago

@ breakfast.

Prolly camera angles. Like NPC's runnin around corners or geting stuck on walls...

Bathyj3888d ago

Nice to see a PS3 review, with deservingly high scores, just to put our minds at rest. Good for everyone.

chaosatom3333888d ago

I am glad that rockstar didn't screw ps3 owners.

Props to ROCKSTAR.

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joelejuif3888d ago

Can we just get it now...! Retailers should have them in 2 or 3 days! Theve been on transit since 3 dasy or so!...

Countdown until living in front of my PS3(no more life) : 9 days!

Acid3888d ago

Yep, amazing isn't!

Who would have thought the first three reviews for this game would have gotten such high scores???

Rockstar should have just saved themselves the effort and written the reviews themselves and picked three lucky sites to post them in return for the massive amount of page hits the sites get in return.

Condoleezza Rice3888d ago

I don't know what that is,but I wanna do it

RobotIsTheFuture3888d ago

Pimp...You're Welcome... Blubbles Please XD

***Enjoii Ur Games No Matter What Console U Have. U Deserve It...***

BigKev453888d ago


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