Sony Slams Xbox one for Forced Camera - Originally Planned PS4 Forced Camera?

Sony’s PR message has been loud and clear. ‘Gamers should have a choice.’ This has been a phrase that has been tossed around from several different PS4 representatives.

But was the camera decision based truly around making sure that gamers had a choice? Or was it simply a decision made because of financial reasons?

Is it possible that Sony and Microsoft had exactly the same game plan? And has Sony REALLY abandoned that plan? Or have they just decided to drag it out?

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xHeavYx1408d ago

The "forced" PS eye wasn't going to affect the price

yarbie10001408d ago

IGN: "Sony nixed plans to include the camera add-on with every system and shave $100 off its originally planned price of $499."

Sony CEO Oct 8th: The decision to leave out the camera helped keep the PlayStation 4's price tag down. Efforts were made to include the camera, but pressure from above forbade Sony Computer Entertainment from making too much of a loss on the PlayStation 4 hardware.

Kayant1408d ago

"Sony's Masayasu Ito says US$399 was deemed "the magic price" for the PlayStation 4 – bringing it in US$200 cheaper than the PlayStation 3. Efforts were made to include the camera at the US$399 mark, but pressure from above forbade Sony Computer Entertainment from making too much of a loss on the PlayStation 4 hardware."

Nice that you missed this out.... Like heavy already said price wasn't changing from $399 camera was cut because it was going to be too much of a loss.

FamilyGuy1408d ago

PS4 was neeeeeever gonna be $499, no matter what.

I don't even get the point of this speculation, the price was decided to be $399 years ago, it was one of the first things decided before choosing the hardware that would go into the box, it was their goal. $499 is the same initial buy in price of the PS3, it wasn't gonna happen.

Eonjay1407d ago

Basically, Sony was always going for $399, but if they had included the camera. they would have lost money on top of the $60 they are losing on each console. So, they adopted the idea of choice. They would give you the choice to buy it separately. They could mitigate loses on every unit sold and they could make money on every camera sold. Its business.

1407d ago
GraveLord1407d ago

Yeah, you're wrong. Sony have only OFFICIALLY stated that they planned to include the camera but keep it at $399. The higher-ups at Sony wanted to minimize losses so they said no.

Facts > Rumors

Outside_ofthe_Box1407d ago

lol So Sony didn't "force" the camera in order to not take a huge loss?

A lot of people looking hella foolish for swearing up and down that Sony didn't include it due to seeing XB1 price at E3.

I personally think Sony should have swallowed the loss and put the camera in on every system, but obviously this was the better decision for them as now they are making $60 on each camera sold instead of giving it away for free.

Sono4211407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

I think it's funny how all of these "negative" Sony/PS4 articles that have been coming out lately are flat out wrong/misinformed yet Xbox fanboys come to the scene to start talking like its fact.. like cmon.. I know your desperate for some negative PS4/Sony news after all of the negative Xbox One/Microsoft news.. but seriously...

Besides aren't these the same people who complain every time there are people pointing out the Xbox One's/Microsoft's flaws? talk about hypocrisy.

The fact that we have been hearing loads of negative news about the Xbox One/Microsoft yet nearly none for Sony/PS4 should say alot.. some are simply blinded by fanboyism to see this though.. sadly :/

Drekken1407d ago

Funny because the camera retails for 50-60 bucks. That line reaaally makes sense especially after hearing interviews where $399 was always the price point. That is the price the PS3 rocketed past the 360 in worldwide sales. Sony was never going to release a $499 console.

UltimateMaster1407d ago

If Sony would have bundled the camera with the system, it would be 450$.

P0werVR1407d ago

Instantaneous gratification is the worst gratification. So Sony, enjoy your quick fix while it lasts.

As Microsoft stated, there in it for the long haul. This launch will be much better than any launch in history, simply because of the gaming stamina starting out from the get. Look at next year's potential titles.

The only thing that will save Sony in the long haul is First party studios. They need to make the BEST first party games possible. But since Microsoft is investing more this next gen on First party...boy are we going to see some AMAZING GAMES on either console.

Big ups for gamers. Gaming is going to be sweet.

G20WLY1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Yes Yarbi, I read that from IGN too, via N4G. Just because they spin crap, doesn't mean you can recycle it for your own gain.

You sir, just proved that your rant is a duplication of a past article from IGN and so this should be removed. Well done lol *facepalm*

ShwankyShpanky1407d ago

"The only thing that will save Sony in the long haul..."

Ahahahaha... The PS4 won't be the brand that needs saving, bub.

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GribbleGrunger1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Or to put it another way, it's great that a camera worth $100 is only costing us $60. It depends how you want to play the game videogamesandnews ... I find it rather telling that your estimated price puts it at the same price as the X1 and not $40 cheaper. Something doesn't add up here.

stuna11408d ago

Exactly Gribble, either way some try to put it, the PS4 on all accounts would have came in cheaper than it's competitor! Not only that it's still a better value with or without the camera with better tech.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1407d ago

I thought the same thing but with the X1! It's great a 200 dollar camera is only costing us 100!

osprey191407d ago

Well considering that if u bought the kinect 2.0 on its own it would cost well over £200 at minimum. So ur right something doesn't add up. 😖

rainslacker1407d ago


That's fine. It's a great value if you actually want the camera. From what I can tell, many people don't. If many people did, then MS wouldn't have been inclined to remove the requirement to keep it connected.

Funnily enough, I probably would have wanted the Kinect. I still do actually. But not for the reasons MS is putting it in the box. I develop Kinect software on PC. The $499 w/ the camera would have been a good deal for me if a $399 version were available without, and a camera costing $150-200 separately.

MRMagoo1231407d ago


Actually you are probably paying $200 for the camera because the xbone console itself if prob worth only $299.

nukeitall1407d ago

the hypocrisy and irony is just hilarious!

fangirls, remember these large companies don't love you, they love your money!

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HardcoreGamer1408d ago

this year, playstation had

God of war ascension,
Ni no Kuni,
Last of us,
Beyond 2 souls
Dragons crown,
Tales of Xillia

theres more but they are standard for different markets


coming up, gran turismo 6,

comon , man seriously, what did xbox have this whole year up to now?

Gears of war judgement
thats all i played on xbox, and dishonored.


i feel nostalgic. ps2 memories

TechMech21407d ago

Xbox 360 launched a year earlier. Your argument is now invalid.

Blaze9291407d ago

Major Nelson pretty much explained why a Kinect is necessary with every Xbox One and I honestly think it will do more good in the long run than the backlash its receiving in the short jog.

"One of the games is working on this concept when its darker, there may be more zombies on the screen. When you make noise, the zombies will come towards you. So you have to be quiet, in your own room. So if your little brother comes in and makes noise, zombies will come after you.

So theres experiences like that developers are working on that they have this full canvas to think of now that they know Kinect WILL be there."

Zombie Xbox One games, it's gotta be Dead Rising 3. And if a launch title is supporting this, then amazing. If not DR3, then new zombie game confirmed and from the sounds of it, will be amazing.

With that, that really sold me. I had NO idea that things like this were going on!

So i honestly think really, mandating kinect with every Xbox is better than having Kinect at all. Better to have full support than maybe support thinking MAYBE, this consumer owns a kinect. MAYBE this consumer owns a PS4 Camera. Maybe?

How much support do you all honestly think the PS4 Eye will get? How much support did the PS3 Eye get? The PS Motion controllers? The EyeToy? The Sixaxis? Oh, i thought as much.

$499.99 is hefty but seeing how the PS3 came out for $600 in '2006', it clearly - won't matter - in the LONG RUN.

If you want a Xbox One and for some reason, an extra $100 is preventing you from getting one - then you should probably reevaluate your financial situation. That or your interest in something you proooobably had no interest in to begin with. I really don't see what's wrong with forcing Kinect 2 with every Xbox One console.

AridSpider1407d ago

"One of the games is working on this concept when its darker, there may be more zombies on the screen. When you make noise, the zombies will come towards you. So you have to be quiet, in your own room. So if your little brother comes in and makes noise, zombies will come after you. "

whoa whoa whoa...why is no one talking about this!? That sounds AMAZING

SaffronCurse1407d ago

I don't want little Timmy coming in when I'm gaming and ruining my game experience because he decided to shout.

JasonXE1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

@SaffronCurse then lock your door and shut up.

Anyway, thanks for that link Blaze. that is indeed new info right there - sounds like a feature I would've never even begun to think about for Kinect and hardcore games.

The fact that Kinect 2 can see your heart rate and pulse now too, they could beat Nintendo to the punch with that little Vitality Sensor..that they failed on.

rainslacker1407d ago

Interesting use of the tech. Question though. Why do you need a camera to achieve this? How come most of the features I hear people go on about can be achieved with a simple microphone? The Kinect doesn't make these things happen, the software does.

Don't get me wrong. I have heard of some interesting movement based features as well, but you don't need a rocket-science powered camera to achieve those things either.

GrandpaSnake1407d ago

o this sucks for me because i got two little ones running around in the living room, key word living room, were most xboxones will be.

AceBlazer131407d ago

can't you speed up robberies in gta by speaking into any old mic? don't see how kinect is practical yet since somebody already did it on current gen.

QuickdrawMcgraw1407d ago

Lack of support!LACK OF SUPPORT!!...Can't argue with you there Blaze.That's the reason I sold my 360 and will wait to buy a 1.I need to wait some years to see if MS will actually support it's console with more then words this gen.

BBBirdistheWord1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

@ Blaze

Thanks for bringing that up. That truly does sound like a good use for the Microphones in Kinect and the extra audio processors in the XBoxOne will certainly help achieve this.

It's funny that this has not been mentioned before because it sounds like an awesome use of the tech.

Truth be told, mandatory Kinect2 is a fabulous business decision, as developers are much more likely to include this tech in their creative process if it's included in every sku.

I have been gaming for about thirty years now and I am tired of the same old games with a few more pixels.
I am looking for new experiences and kinect2 seems much more promising to me than ps4 at this stage.
The sad fact is that not only is the PSeye inferior tech, but its optional inclusion implies it is not being taken seriously at all, by anyone.
And that sucks.

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Mystogan1407d ago

So Sony slams Microsoft for something they didn't have the balls to pull off.

Typical Sony. Letting Microsoft take the heat and then copying when they see the potential of Kinect 2 come to fruition.

prediction for E3 2015. Sony announces every PS4 SKU will come with PSeye.

Sono4211407d ago

ohhh mystogan... once again I caught you being ignorant.. but its okay your an xbox fanboy... it kinda comes with the territory ;)
so ill just help you out a lil bit.. Sony already stated that the original plans with the camera had the same price ($399) but decided not to because they didn't want to sell it at that much of a loss.

But hey don't give up buddy! keep trying youll get it right one of these days ;)