PlayStation Plus is Now Free for 15 Days on the Japanese PSN, Here’s How to Get it with 148 Games

The Japanese PlayStation Plus is a treasure chest offering games like Shadow of the Colossus HD, White Knight Chronicles 2 and a whopping 123 PlayStation classics, and the best news is that Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia just announced the Plus Autumn Festival, that offers 15 days of free access to every Japanese PSN account.

Here's an in-depth explanation on how to get the goodies.

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xHeavYx1771d ago

Piece of cake... if I knew any Japanese

Abriael1771d ago

The article explains how to get it even if you don't know a word of Japanese, and many of the games are very playable (and very worth it) even in Japanese.

1770d ago
JohnS13131771d ago

No thanks. I prefer English. And if you only do it for the free trial you lose the games anyway once the trial ends.

admiralvic1771d ago

Thats cool? Some people just want to play some games that never came over (like LSD) and this trial is more than enough time to finish at least a few of them.

DanielGearSolid1771d ago

But youll only be able to play the IGC games for 15 days... Not including download time

admiralvic1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

"But youll only be able to play the IGC games for 15 days... "

Most PS1 games aren't that long and even shorter if you can't read Japanese like most people here. You can easily beat at least 3 games within a 15 day period even if you put in only 20 hours.

" Not including download time"

Not sure why you include this, since PS1 classics are typically small. A few can be larger, but most are well under a gig. Not to mention, you can automatically download while sleeping or at work.

meday3541771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Nice am setting up one asap.

hellzsupernova1770d ago

You think Europe gets the best playstation plus deals looks at japan! Holy crap, such a good library of games if you buy a playstation 3, 4 or vita you would never ever have to buy a game! It's insane

zep1770d ago

hi from Japan here i have both US and JPN PSN PS+ accounts and i think EU and US have more better deals than JPN PSN based on my own experince siince i have both PS+ on 2 regions more than a year now in fact they dont realy put that much up on JPN PSN store HKN is even better i think when it comes to variety they even have english and japanese version for most games

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