Demonicon Preview | Saving Content

Excerpt: "Once the first battle happened, everything is a close, in-your-face type of fight. There are three bars to watch over when in active combat. The red bar is your health, or as they call it: vitality. The green bar is for stamina, which controls how much you can run or throw daggers/knives and will regenerate over time. Lastly, the blue bar is your essence for casting spells known as blood magic. Essence can be earned back from combat, spells, or medicine (which is a talent).

When in combat, combos are essential to earning essence back as a way to keep the momentum going during combat, if you can pull it off. Hotkeys are available for quick spells and inventory items it looks like. Spells allow you to buff yourself to resist damage. When casting spells, there’s a spotlight that shows, giving you an idea of the AOE and where it’s being placed at any given time."

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