GTA 5 Online Resell Glitch - Infinite Money Making Cheat

In GTA Online, you can earn easy money by reselling the same car to Los Santos Customs an infinite amount of times.

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explicitd933d ago

Welp I better get started before they patch this out

Psychotica933d ago

@kwietstorm no such word, it's "well" not "welp"

dski1080933d ago

Big gulps huh? Welp, see ya later

inveni0933d ago


People say "welp" all the time. Have you ever read a book where the author spells dialog in the characters' accents? This is the same thing. It doesn't have to be a word. If someone says it, someone says it.

blennerville933d ago

does this work on ps3 as well ??

Dirkster_Dude932d ago

Welp: To be used in place of 'well', when one feels there is no more to say. This word was originally brought to the peoples' attention in 1994, from Jim Carrey in the cult classic, Dumb & Dumber. *** I agree this is a really stupid word.

pixelsword932d ago (Edited 932d ago )

Aw, I don't care, but here:

I think it's "well" myself, but whatev; in 100 years we might all be speaking in lolish, or hashtagese.

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GentlemenRUs933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

Let's just hope the abusers do get banned/reset :)

EDIT: Why people DON'T READ the ToS and the RULES of ONLINE is beyond me...

JackStraw933d ago

how about you post the ToS here for us to read?

blind-reaper932d ago

Maybe a reset, not banned many people are doing it.

alussyzu245933d ago


====== ===== ===== ============

blennerville933d ago

how about on ps3, does it work ??

3-4-5932d ago

Saying "Welp" is a word is like saying "Dat" is a word.

It's Well & That.

That being said, I think we all know what you meant by welp. I did at least.

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dski1080933d ago

Does this work on both consoles?

beer_baron933d ago

Haven't tried it on the PS3 yet. Please let me know if you try it on the PS3 and if it works or not!

Boss_Kowbel933d ago

Follow the instructions step by step, or you may lose your personal car permanently.

Heisenburger933d ago

It isn't your fault that he can't follow incredibly simple directions.

#cantbehelped #eyeroll

pixelsword932d ago

#hashtagabuse #justkidding

TheDevKit933d ago

Please stop using hashtags, Heisenburger.

Wintersun616933d ago

Meh. I'm taking my time and really enjoying the single player, and I intend to do the same with Online once I have 100% and fooled around enough with the story mode.

cell989933d ago

same here, after the online fiasco I decided to just finish up the story and enjoy the single player missions, then move on to online

ZBlacktt933d ago

Oh look, another one to add to the many this game has, lol. Most broken game ever released, lol..... 10/10 Yeah!

Psychotica933d ago

Most broken game ever? Apparently you haven't played to many games..

Skate-AK933d ago

He was a being sarcastic.

ZBlacktt933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

More then you will ever play in your lifetime. Again 10/10!

Skate gets it.

Psychotica933d ago

Not likely, i am in my late 40's..

ZBlacktt933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

Same, and you are still that dumb? This site has some of the dumbest people on it lately.


Psychotica933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

And your dumb and arrogant..

ZBlacktt933d ago

Defend it to the end sheep. Low class of life talking with the upper class. Is your poor little game broken and you can't call it like it is.... Please stay on your soon to be last Gen where you belong.

DShady932d ago

Psychotica + 1d 4h ago
"And your dumb and arrogant.."

@Psychotica if YOU'RE going to be correcting the vocabulary of others i.e.,

"Psychotica + 1d 13h ago
@kwietstorm no such word, it's "well" not "welp""

Please use the correct word as well. Hypocrites suck arse.

whelkrodent7930d ago

You've been whelped again mate. its provided a funny 5 minute read for me but you should've packed it in really. I do not feel sorry for you.