3 Reasons Why Resident Evil 6 Failed To Impress

Richard Bailey Jr of TheKoalition writes:
Wednesday, October 2nd 2013 marked the full one-year anniversary of the release of Capcom’s sixth installment in the highly popular Resident Evil series. While I reviewed and enjoyed what Resident Evil 6 had to offer, there were many critics and hardcore fans that deemed the game a critical failure in their eyes. After diving deeper into the subject matter, I decided to come up with a short list of 3 specific reasons why this sequel failed to impress the masses. This list is in no particular order of preference.

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rbailey1563d ago

I can see why alot of people where disappointed by this game. Definitely wasn't scary but the action setpieces weren't horrible either.

Klonopin1563d ago

I've given up on horror for this series, I'm going for suspence, which I might add is also missing from this game. It's like they went through a laundry list of videogame clichés and they said "OK, that looks cool, put it in the game". I don't know about you, but I'm so sick of playing sound and light shows that bring nothing new to the table.

1563d ago
-Foxtrot1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

"action setpieces weren't horrible either."

I think you'll find they were...I mean we have the whole helicopter thing in Leon's storyline, you know the scenario which is the horror story according to Capcom then we have the whole jumping from rooftop to rooftop on a motorbike with the bland and boring Jake.

I mean the action scenes were horrible, they were way too over the top for the game.

I'm actually surprised the author of the site managed to only choose three reasons

Matt6661562d ago

RE1-CV are the best with the enviroment, sounds, proper monsters (IE zombies, hunters, dogs etc) a story line which made sense and was good, weapons that you had to find and the lack of ammo and health items. Unlike 4 and beyond which lost all horror aspect became boring over the top action crap if I wanted play an action game I would buy many that are available.

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Vandamme211563d ago

I actually enjoyed re6...I like the Leon and Chris campaign...the other 2 I didn't really like them.

Matt6661562d ago

Chris was not Chris anymore in RE6 he suddenly became a ass hole who was sexist he was nothing like that in the earlier RE's and the story line on 6 made no sense.

Vandamme211561d ago

Chris became like that because he was still stressing about what happen to his soldiers in the haunted him.

scofios1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

One thing i cant understand is how the f*ck did they managed to make it graphically less inpressive then RE5 which was a 4 year older game?
I hope they will use Deep down's Panta Rhei Engine for the next RE , that one looks very good.

-Foxtrot1563d ago

and they had 200 people working on the boggles my mind how they did a worse job then RE5

Nerdmaster1562d ago

5 has that green tint ruining everything.

JsonHenry1563d ago

If I wanted to play Gears of War I would have just played Gears of War.

I wanted a Resident Evil game. I didn't get one. :(

Endo-Endo1563d ago

you had to sit through the same cut scenes over and over as each set of characters ran across each other it strayed so far from what made 0/4 enjoyable in the first place honestly you could re-skin the game and call it a new IP all be it a poorly done cover shooter about some massive armed mutant with a small head killing spider monsters

Matt6661562d ago

It makes me laugh how people say 5&6 sucked (which it did) but then go onto say how 4 is so good even though it's action just like 5&6 so therefore you are being bit hypocritical.

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