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3 Reasons Why Resident Evil 6 Failed To Impress

Richard Bailey Jr of TheKoalition writes:
Wednesday, October 2nd 2013 marked the full one-year anniversary of the release of Capcom’s sixth installment in the highly popular Resident Evil series. While I reviewed and enjoyed what Resident Evil 6 had to offer, there were many critics and hardcore fans that deemed the game a critical failure in their eyes. After diving deeper into the subject matter, I decided to come up with a short list of 3 specific reasons why this sequel failed to impress the masses. This list is in no particular order of preference. (PC, PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

rbailey  +   441d ago
I can see why alot of people where disappointed by this game. Definitely wasn't scary but the action setpieces weren't horrible either.
Klonopin  +   440d ago
I've given up on horror for this series, I'm going for suspence, which I might add is also missing from this game. It's like they went through a laundry list of videogame clichés and they said "OK, that looks cool, put it in the game". I don't know about you, but I'm so sick of playing sound and light shows that bring nothing new to the table.
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-Foxtrot  +   440d ago
"action setpieces weren't horrible either."

I think you'll find they were...I mean we have the whole helicopter thing in Leon's storyline, you know the scenario which is the horror story according to Capcom then we have the whole jumping from rooftop to rooftop on a motorbike with the bland and boring Jake.

I mean the action scenes were horrible, they were way too over the top for the game.

I'm actually surprised the author of the site managed to only choose three reasons
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Matt666  +   439d ago
RE1-CV are the best with the enviroment, sounds, proper monsters (IE zombies, hunters, dogs etc) a story line which made sense and was good, weapons that you had to find and the lack of ammo and health items. Unlike 4 and beyond which lost all horror aspect became boring over the top action crap if I wanted play an action game I would buy many that are available.
Vandamme21  +   440d ago
I actually enjoyed re6...I like the Leon and Chris campaign...the other 2 I didn't really like them.
MadMax  +   440d ago
Matt666  +   439d ago
Chris was not Chris anymore in RE6 he suddenly became a ass hole who was sexist he was nothing like that in the earlier RE's and the story line on 6 made no sense.
Vandamme21  +   439d ago
Chris became like that because he was still stressing about what happen to his soldiers in the begining...it haunted him.
scofios  +   440d ago
One thing i cant understand is how the f*ck did they managed to make it graphically less inpressive then RE5 which was a 4 year older game?
I hope they will use Deep down's Panta Rhei Engine for the next RE , that one looks very good.
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-Foxtrot  +   440d ago
and they had 200 people working on the game...it boggles my mind how they did a worse job then RE5
Heisenburger  +   440d ago

Not then.

Nerdmaster  +   440d ago
5 has that green tint ruining everything.
JsonHenry  +   440d ago
If I wanted to play Gears of War I would have just played Gears of War.

I wanted a Resident Evil game. I didn't get one. :(
Endo-Endo  +   440d ago
you had to sit through the same cut scenes over and over as each set of characters ran across each other it strayed so far from what made 0/4 enjoyable in the first place honestly you could re-skin the game and call it a new IP all be it a poorly done cover shooter about some massive armed mutant with a small head killing spider monsters
Matt666  +   439d ago
It makes me laugh how people say 5&6 sucked (which it did) but then go onto say how 4 is so good even though it's action just like 5&6 so therefore you are being bit hypocritical.
Pintheshadows  +   440d ago
There are more than 3 in fairness.

Resi 6 was not only a mess as a horror title but as an action game as well. It felt horrible to play. Dated, sluggish, and poorly designed at its most basic level.

It dwelled in the dangerous purgatory where it never really knew what it was. A full blown action game or a tense-ish horror themed adventure game? That led to it being poor at both and left it in limbo. I mean whoever thought it was a good idea to have a character take up half of the screen should have been sacked immediately, and the shooting mechanics were not good enough to carry Chris and his insult of a RE campaign.

I was shocked at how poorly some of it was executed and the three characters really did not help at all as they prevented focus on any one mechanic.

Honestly, RE6 is as bad as the RE films.

As far as I am concerned they need to reboot the entire series and start from scratch as 3 poor RE games in a row is bad form. RE5 was ok, ORC was awful and RE6 was just a bit better.
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kratos_TheGoat  +   440d ago
thee game was doom the day i play the demo
americanGTA  +   440d ago
#1. It's Resident evil
breakpad  +   440d ago
i dont blame RE6 ....RE 4 f@ked the whole series from the start...Capcom to restart the survival horror genre try to mimic The LASt of US(which by the way copied a lot of things from the original resident evils)
Mugen90  +   439d ago
Glad I'm not the only one that says that. RE4 was the beginning of the end.
-Foxtrot  +   440d ago
I could give you a crap load of reasons about why the game sucks, the one thing I never understand with the RE games is why they never use old fan favorites and shoe horn in un interesting characters we don't care about and never will.

I mean I'm glad they didn't now since RE6 was crap but still we had the god awful Pieres with Chris instead of Jill or Barry especialy when in the game Chris has fell into a depression when his team mates all died. Jake was just shoved in..."Oh guess what he's Weskers son" DESPITE the fact he knocked up Jakes mother BEFORE, yes BEFORE he got special powers and his blood became special so how is Jakes so special then? Wesker would of just been a normal man before then. Which leaves Helen with Leon...are they telling me they couldn't bring Claire back or even Rebecca Chambers.

Look at the RE4.5 concept art because they did the same thing with RE5. Before co-op they had some great interesting horror like ideas but the main thing I liked was that instead of Sheva being your partner Barry was or Jill in another idea Capcom had, they were apparently torn in the article I read. If you had Barry Jill would of been still captured and you would of rescued her in the end and finished Wesker off together.
maniacmayhem  +   440d ago
"shoe horn in un interesting characters we don't care about and never will."

I agree with this 100%. Wesker's son? Where in the hell did that come from? Such a cliché for any story if I have ever seen one.

When can we get the team of Chris and Jill back? Or the a re-union of the old STARS team for crying out loud.

And I never understood how Leon went from a beat cop to protecting the president of the united states in a span of a few years.

Makes no sense.
TheDivine  +   440d ago
Chris and Jill were in Revelations. That game was what RE6 should've been. I loved it to death. I also like RE6 but I didnt love it like REmake, RE4, and Revelations. It had some highs but was too ambitious, lacked focus, and polish. Too much action and not enough slow, tense, methodical build up.
matts82173  +   440d ago
I don't know why there is so much hate for this game. I had a great time playing it! Leon's campaign was a harkening to the original series while Chris and Jake's campaign were more RE4 and beyond. I liked the stories and cutscenes and action. Ada's campaign (which was kind of a mashup of all styles) tied up everything neatly. I played it for probably 15 hours. What more could you want from a game?!? I can't wait for RE7!!
Inception  +   440d ago
You not the only one who's enjoying RE 6. I'm a big fans of RE from the 1st time i play it on '96 and i still find RE 6 enjoyable and better than RE 5 (imho). Of course it had a lot of flaw, but what game that doesn't have flaw? Personally, i gave Leon and Ada chapter an 8.5/10, Jack 7/10, and Chris 6.5/10.

For the hate, i think it's coming from some fans who still stuck in the era of classic RE (RE 1-3). I understand their feeling because those era is unforgettable. But again, Shinji Mikami, the creator of RE is the person who changed RE into more action type game. We can blame him for that, but his the creator so maybe that's the future he wants for his 'children'.
Nerdmaster  +   440d ago
It still baffles me when people say that 5 is better than 6. But I wish 6 focused on Leon (and maybe Ada), because they try to maintain some balance between action and horror, like 4 did.
Inception  +   440d ago
Well, those people not fully wrong IF they compare it from the main villain. Wesker still more badass compare to Derek Simmons. But RE 6 also had Ustanak.

And agreed with you. I think RE 6 will be better if Capcom only focus on Leon and make Ada as Leon partner instead of Helena. But i don't mind Jake or Sherry as the 3rd playable character.
Dante81  +   440d ago
I knew this series would go downhill as soon as played through RE4.
Heisenburger  +   440d ago
Sure you did, brah.

Sure you did...

nope111  +   440d ago
Max-Zorin  +   440d ago
Resident Evil haven't been scary since 2 anyway.
maniacmayhem  +   440d ago
The production on RE6 was fantastic, the action was great and the pace kept you moving and engaged....

UNFORTUNATELY, this game didn't feel anything like the past Resident Evil's. I liked RE4, I thought the game was an excellent addition and a breath of fresh air for the series. It's a shame that Capcom kept moving further and further away from what RE was about and just vomited out this Michael Bay/Paul W.S. Anderson type games.

I love my games with over the top action but not Resident Evil. RE does not need that type of gameplay, RE6 was nothing more than Gears of War/CoD with mutated soldiers.

A re-boot, re-imagining, and re-visit is definitely in order for a once mighty franchise.
ChipChipperson  +   440d ago
I enjoyed RE6 for what it was, but the game really did feel like it was in some proto/beta/pre-development like phase with the gameplay. It's like they didn't know exactly where to place things, so it felt like a cluster fuck at times. Look, just bring back Resident Evil 3 Nemesis type gameplay back.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   440d ago
One of my main gripe is freedom.

-Why add unecessary QTE's to engagements like shooting the zombie of Helena when it would have been better to just aim and shoot?

- Why the does the camera force you to look at an event in the background regardless of a player's in combat or not only truncate your view and give an enemy a free hit?

- Why do they have events in the game you have to take damage in order to proceed? Not saying that I mind in all games, I think it should be done at major story events such as in Silent Hill II or Cry Of Fear but have to have some doors only open when you are in front to take damage from the upcoming zombie is annoying.

The game had a beast of an engine to run which could helped it translate to an great action title but I felt that the developers limited the player's options more than the actual game.
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boldscot  +   440d ago
There's a simple reason it fails to impress, it's not Resident Evil.
It's a brain dead, over the top, Hollywood action style shooter.
Master of Unlocking  +   439d ago
I still have to get that one, looks great.
Matt666  +   439d ago
@Vandamme21 no there's no excuse what so ever for him to become like that

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