Aisha Tyler On Voicing Watch Dogs And Gamer Cred

GI - "Celebrities are no strangers to video games, but they usually voice a relevant protagonist whichever game they’ve signed on for. Aisha Tyler (Archer, Whose Line is it Anyway?) is playing herself as a minor character in Ubisoft’s upcoming open world techno-thriller Watch Dogs. We caught up with Tyler and asked her about the part, what it’s like hosting Ubisoft’s press conference every year, and why gamers don’t respect each other."

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Hazmat131810d ago

i love her, she is funny. but the gamers there at E3 are like games first, funny later. cant wait for the new archer. damn i love her soo much... haha

AlphaGamingNerd1809d ago

i hope we can end her in the game for all her annoying e3 hostings she does

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