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"Beyond: Two Souls reaches the boundary between two mediums, film and video, creating an important new starting point for the game industry, the last work of David Cage is an interactive movie where every scene is different, which is the player to direct the characters in the direction you most want with as many as twenty-three possible endings and more than ten hours of gameplay where you can discover the story of Jodie Holmes, its connection with the paranormal and the extent Aiden."

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Goro1592d ago

dis gaim iz relly gud!

1592d ago
kratos_TheGoat1592d ago

love the game what a masterpiece!!!!

DigitalRaptor1592d ago

I have to say this game is definitely not a 5/5 or a masterpiece, but it's a wonderful game that touched me in a similar manner to Heavy Rain.

No idea what's going on with the 3/10s, 5/10s and 6/10s, as it's nowhere close to that quality.

jagstar441592d ago

first hour or so are a little meh, but once it gets going it's fucking awesome.

Stsonic1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

I just finished it in a mammoth 12 hour session. Overall I give it an 8/10 it has some flaws but overall I had a very good experience. The graphics are scary good, sometimes felt like I was playing real life characters which is incredible for PS3. Oh and I chose beyond :P

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