Battlefield 4 running at 4K resolution on 4x Nvidia GTX Titans

Video of the Battlefield 4 beta running at 4K resolution using four Nvidia GTX Titans.

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sigfredod1804d ago

Actually i don't see the point to post this video on youtube, not even a native 720p video make justice on youtube, much less a 4k one, it will be better to post the link to download the actual uncompressed 4k video ( for the few that actually have the 4k tv's or monitors, or at least the uncompressed 1080p 60fps video to make it jjustice

Ezz20131804d ago

i really don't see what different in GFX between BF3 and BF4 on pc
they look pretty much the same

Eonjay1803d ago

4x Titans will run you $3000-4000: which is enough to buy every game that I will ever want on a next gen console, a trip to Barbados and a nice amount of weed.

Or you can play Battlefield 4 on Ultra in 4K resolution on a PC.

tachy0n1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )


thats like saying,

why buy a Corvette to daily drive it when u can get an old Camry.

i bet this PC is way more powerful and USEFULL than any console in existance.

u can get the Corvette get groceries and to the autocross and have fun.

Camry is just good for getting groceries.

i find it hilarious how people say hurr durr it looks like its making 60FPS... hurr how the heck can u tell that when youtube is limited to 30FPS no matter what....

JackStraw1803d ago

tachy0n that is the dumbest analogy i have ever read on this site... you need to work on your reading comprehension.

3-4-51804d ago

How can you watch 4K via Youtube ? Is that even possible?

Shredmeijster1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Aside from the resolution options on Youtube going from 144p to 1080p, you can lately find on a lot of videos that you can select "1440p" and "Original" as well. "Original" being the resolution of the video as it was uploaded, the resolution of the source, which in this case would be a 4K monitor.

This would only make sense if you would watch the video on a 4K monitor as well though...

Beastforlifenoob1803d ago

smack the bigass button that says (Original (hd))

It's still compressed though and your monitor/tv wont be 4K so there is no real point unless you can somehow download the uncompressed gameplay video (highly unlikely as 10 mins of 4k takes like 5GB of storage and is most likely compressed by fraps) and also have a 4k monitor, yes unlikely

novcze1803d ago


it actually makes sense to watch 4k on Full HD monitor, because all 1080p videos on YT are quite compressed/low bitrate

WarThunder1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

One AMD HD7990 can run any game at 4k reselution 30-60fps

One AMD HD7990 at $600 is as fast as 2 Titans at $2000

With 2 AMD HD7990 crossfire ($1200) you can get over 60 fps. And 4x GTX Titans cost $4000. lol

Shows how overpriced, waste of money the GTX titan is...

Beastforlifenoob1803d ago

amd 7990 is actually 2 cards.
Therfore they are less heat efficient and because they are 2 cards squished together you get microstutter, wheras on a titan you wont.

Also any card over $400 is overpriced unless you plan to do 4k gaming but a 4k monitor will cost you $3000

andrewsqual1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

To think that "Elite" PC "gamers" will still be talking about Battlefield 4 in another year and a half is enough to make one cringe. In the meantime PS4 gamers will have the start in a series of epics beginning with The Order 1886 by then.

ATi_Elite1803d ago

YEh more 4k video to watch on Youtube's All compressed to Hell 1080p feed. Not to mention my NON 4k screen.

So yeh I just really love knowing that this video is 4k although I'm not seeing it in 4K.

How about a Download link so we can download the Native 4K video and play it back non compressed.

sure i still do not have a 4k screen BUT you will be able to see the difference versus youtubes compressed video.

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badkolo1804d ago

wow so even with 4 titans it still looks like crap

Flavor1804d ago

Exactly. It's the same vanilla FPS whether you play it on an Xbone, Ps4, or a PC. The graphical differences are cosmetic. This fixation on superficial graphics is inane and counterproductive.

infamous-butcher1804d ago

we might as well go back to blocky mono tone textures with no shaddows and single point lighting effects then if we were to listen to you.

Beastforlifenoob1803d ago

hahah have fun with 900p resolution. 4k resolution has 7 times the fidelity as 900p also 4 times the fidelity of 1080p. The reason why you cant see diference is because your watching it on youtube and YOUTUBE COMPRESS VIDEO LIKE APESHIT

Have you ever fuking seen 4k its amazing its exactly 20/20 meaning its close to the fidelity of actual reality (i.e. if everything was recorded in 4k and brought to a tv you wouldnt be able to tell the difference between reality and the tv other than the 3/d perspective but then again once 3d and 4k advance, they will reach a point where tv movies will become indistinguishable from reality (slightly))

JBaby3431803d ago

It looks good graphics-wise but it's disappointing to me what Battlefield has become. I liked previous iterations but Battlefield 3 was, and Battlefield 4 looks to be, COD clones with vehicles. Granted environments are bigger but in the end they've just become twitch shooters. The speed that this soldier is able to move, spin, turn is ridiculous. I miss previous Battlefield games that were slower paced and allowed for strategy and not just running around randomly twitch shooting everything.

awi59511802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

LOL wrong the particle effects,physics, lighting, shadows, and random clutter floating in the wind,on the ground and in rooms are far better on the PC version. The diffrence is huge its like having physx on in a game and not having it own.

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awi59511804d ago

LOL its on youtube you PS fanboys really want to bash PC sorry BF4 is still the best on PC and im playing it on ultra at 60 fps @1080P guess what the pS 4 will be playing it on lol.

Studio-YaMi1803d ago

badkolo has his share of Sony bashing,if you don't know what type of fanboy he is,don't go around spreading false info.

and it's funny that a PC fanboy would call out other fanboys.

Flutterby1803d ago

Lol badkolo is an xboner not a ps4 fan , nice try tho making out its ps fanboys.

pyramidshead1803d ago

lol dat sony fanboy scapegoat complex.

Anything negative anywhere now blamed on sonyfanboys. Mhmm..

*rolls eyes*

awi59511803d ago


Well you guys very much earned that rep the bad way.

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hiredhelp1804d ago

When you have anymore than one video card crissfire or sli it becomes all about performance not visuals. 4x titans is overkill its for show it looks bad ass but overkill.

Studio-YaMi1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Would two titans in SLI give me a steady 120FPS in a really heavy graphically looking video game ?

I'm in the process of building a new rig & I'm wondering here,might buy a motherboard that supports 3 graphics cards at once but I'm going with 2 titans in SLI at first.

Appreciate the info.

bumnut1804d ago

4 Titans can only acheive 30 fps at 4K?

The fps counter looks fake! so not sure what to believe.

Jovanian 1804d ago

thats his youtube avatar, Thirty IR

But the framerate at a glance looks like its a bit under 60, but I'm not sure

xXxSeTTriPxXx1804d ago

So you need about 8grand(4 titans 4grand, 4k monitor 2-3grand, plus mobo processer etc not encluding tax) to run this at its best?..smgdh ill gladly pay 399usd.

I never want to hear pc fans talk about 4k because not even 1% of them can afford a setup like this and it still can't run @ 60fps.

Who fuking does this for gaming?

ssj271804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Not even that, there are no native 4k games.. all this is just upscale a native1080p and by what I have seen I don't even think Bf4 is native 1080p game, it looks just like a polished PS3 game.

For example killzone Shadow Fall is a native 1080p game and I'm not talking aboit been able to be on 2080p but native 1080p.

Even a PS2 game can be in 1080p but it doesn't mean is native 1080p.

Anyways pc fanboys will clain pc can do 4k in the same games ps4 do 1080p but we all know is only 1% of them maybe can and I don't thibk that 1% will be around this websites.

Like you I will be enjoy my Ps4 and my native 1080p games on my 1080p tv.

Are_The_MaDNess1804d ago

the reason we arnt talking about it here is because we dont see a need to discuss it here on this site.
the GPUs of today is not ready for 4k. and games are not really optimized for it either.
i would say that the high end 800 series and 900 series cards would do the trick.

+ you dont need 4 titans to run this at a high framerate, two is more than enough if you have a CPU to support it aswell.

Flavor1804d ago

Have to agree with you despite being a PC gaming master racer.

Stupid stuff like showing off a pointless resolution that most people would never even notice is what gives PC gamers a bad name - as elitist, socially inept drones.

Alot of pc gamers are just empty men who need to validate themselves with constant reference to their consumer purchases. You can dress up a game like Bf4 all you want but its still a boring, obsolete shooter.

Graphics were the advantage of PCs in the 90's and early oughts. The advantage now is that PCs are an open platform. Fixating on graphics like the drone in this video is asinine.

sorane1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Just because the guy has 4 titans doesn't mean you need 4 titans. They've showed it running on much less in case you have forgotten. Seems a lot of people on this site need basic tech lessons. I never want to hear console fans talk about tech they clearly have no clue about.

infamous-butcher1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

you and pick up four 1080p monitors for less than £400 it should be 5000 at the most

kingduqc1804d ago

Because you absolutely need 4k and 4 titans to game on bf4...

wow these console peasents are retarded

UncleGermrod1804d ago

@flavor. I agree, the PC has its advantages, but graphics alone are no longer the difference. Huge leaps on graphics are not seen anymore, so why make that the focus. Just like how ps4 and Xbox one fanboys always fight over specs....if the difference between next gen and current gen isn't even that huge, how big of a diff could there be between two consoles using very similar tech? My point is this-now a days you need to look at which platform fits your styles...the graphics should not be the main topic

Cernunnos1804d ago

1440p on the other hand is very achievable, and it looks amazing! The perfect middle ground imo. I can run the BF4 beta at ultra/high with AA turned off at pretty stable 60fps with 2x old 580's!

AndrewLB1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Ssj27- funny how my single gtx680 plays skyrim running 4096x4096 textures and shadow maps at 5760x1600 resolution and just under 60fps (3x 24" dell ultrasharp displays), which takes more processing power than 4k and is native.

Me- 5760x1600= 9216000 pixels
4k- 4096x2160= 8847360 pixels

clouds51804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

I think this is more a "because we can" kind of thing. No it doesnt make sense... But he obviously has the money so let him have his fun :)

But yeah it makes absolutely no sense to either have a setup that can play games @ 4k nor to have a 4k monitor/TV. Atm we have to be happy if we get 1080p content (unless you are a PC gamer, which play in 1080p since at least 5 years) and at least in my country alot of TV footage is still 480p so...

Also if we are talking gaming, there are alot of things that improve the visual quality ALOT more than just raising the resolution. Higher resolution textures, polygon count and post processing effects have a much bigger impact than resolution over 1080p. IMHO.

CheexInk1803d ago


Are you serious man? Your texture and shadow resolutions are not even close to the same thing as the 4k screen resolution that is being discussed.

The guy you replied to also has no idea what he's talking about though because he apparently thinks resolution works the same way on a PC as it does console games.

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bumnut1804d ago


In my defence it is in the same place as the BF4 fps counter!

Magicite1804d ago

this just proves consoles wont be able to run 4k AAA games.

Pandamobile1804d ago

As if we needed any more proof.

clouds51804d ago

They are struggling with 1080p and people where actually thinking about 4k???

Flutterby1803d ago

The only ppl claiming 4k gaming on consoles are xboners and MS PR, I as a ps4 gamer didn't even think for a second I would be playing 4k games on the ps4 and I don't really care that much either.

EXVirtual1803d ago

Exactly. I'm getting the PS4, but I don't know what you'd have to be on to think that either of the consoles would be able to run 4K.

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neonlight451804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

its 30fps because HDMI 1.4 does not support 60fps @ 4k.

Sano641803d ago

It's not the cards SOME 4k monitors and TV's are capped at 30 fps. He must have V-sync turned on.

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OrangePowerz1804d ago

You need only 4 titans? In that case I order 4 of them because it's totally worth 4k to enjoy 4k.

MidnytRain1804d ago

These are some 4k benchmarks for BF3. I don't imagine BF4 will require so much more.

Are_The_MaDNess1804d ago

there is actually less usage of the GPU in BF4 than BF3. tho there is night and day with the CPU.
atleast with the Beta so far.

EXVirtual1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Watching in 1440p, but it most likely looks better in person. YT isn't that great in quality.

Now as for the 4 titans thing, I'm surprised. I though you'd need 2, but 4. Hot damn. Then again, it is DICE and their games are very heavy in the graphics department. Not to mention you need a 4k tv or monitor.