Would you support a crowdfunded Final Fantasy 7 remake for PS4?

Square Enix has announced their new crowdfunding platform for developers. Square is making some of their Eidos IP's available for developers to work with. What if a competent developer was willing to take the lead on a Final Fantasy 7 remake? Would you support the possibility of a Final Fantasy 7 remake on the PlayStation 4 through the Square Enix Collective platform?

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Majin-vegeta1742d ago

Only if it stays "PS EXCLUSIVE"

HelpfulGamer1742d ago

If they simply use Sony's Free Phyre Game Engine, not only they can cut cost and time one optimization, but also more time to make it good.

Godmars2901742d ago

That's not how S/E operates.

As in smartly. They don't operate smartly. Or cheaply.

That's why Tomb Raider and Stray Dogs failed despite selling 4 million each.

reko1741d ago


also cloud was my favorite FF character!

ghostrider321741d ago

I hope it's exclusive. We don't need this guy shooting up random places.

kalkano1742d ago

Only if they confirmed, ahead of time, that it would remain turn-based.

Mastadope421742d ago

Why in the hell do people keep supporting this old ass archaic style of combat. I understand strategy but Square Enix is nailing the combat down with FF 15

Cha0tik1741d ago

Why ruin a classic? Some people just imagine the game with better graphics but the game turn based engine... maybe slightly improved for better strategy but they want the same game to look better and I support that. You don't know that you will like FF15 because it isn't out yet so it would be stupid to risk it.

kalkano1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Because there's nothing "archaic" about it. It is much more engaging than most action-RPGs.

Shake_Zula1741d ago

They could do both pretty easily... And I think the system used in FFXIII was pretty good so as long as they provide support for using more than one character. Also, if they could nail down dynamic fight cinematics, it would be A+.

NatureOfLogic1742d ago

No, I don't trust Square-Enix to remake a Squaresoft game. I don't think It would go as well as people expect. Just let the game be as It is.

Mastadope421742d ago

Well....aren't you just the purist....I for one would want to play this douche...

Heisenburger1741d ago

Reported for personal attack.

#children #iamthelaw

kalkano1741d ago

How do you "play" a douche? Can it be used as some type of musical instrument?

richierich1742d ago

Hell yeah I would as long as it has nextgen graphics

jjb19811742d ago

Yes, I would take that trip down memory lane with high def textures in 1080p.

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