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Submitted by Broll 777d ago | opinion piece

10 Reasons Sex Sells (And Why We’re All Buying)

CCC Says: "There is sex in video games now. So what. Who cares? Why’s it such a big deal all of a sudden? No one got this pissed when Samus Aran pulled off her space suit the first time to reveal herself as a woman in Metroid. It was barely even thinkable that a woman character would even be the protagonist of a video game. Certainly it was revolutionary, but not controversial. Here’s some steamy reasons for the hot and sexy fun we gamers are getting into these days." (Culture)

ape007  +   778d ago
nooooo sh!t Sherlock
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IcyEyes  +   777d ago
10 reasons violence sells (And Why We’re All Buying)

10 reasons FPS sells (And Why We’re All Buying)

10 reasons Final Fantasy sells (And Why We’re All Buying)

10 reasons EA games sells (And Why We’re All Buying)

10 reasons smartphones sells (And Why We’re All Buying)

10 reasons good games sells (And Why We’re All Buying)

10 reasons ...
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RobbyGrob  +   777d ago
Ten reasons why online news sources publish articles entirely free from both news and knowledge that 99% of the population age 13 and over didn't already possess.
kalkano  +   778d ago
"10 Reasons Sex Sells (And Why We’re All Buying)"

Speak for yourself.
Godlovesgamers  +   777d ago

Who cares? People with a sense of class and decency.
KonsoruMasuta  +   777d ago
Only people with no class like sex?
Lord_Sloth  +   777d ago
I'll never understand why killing people is acceptable to people of class and decency where as sex is a taboo in our society's entertainment medium.

People appreciate and have fun with sex but being honest about that is considered indecent somehow. The human body is designed to have sex, there's nothing indecent about enjoying the deed.
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Godlovesgamers  +   777d ago
Only people with no class like exploited sex.

Sex has it's place in life, but is it in porno? Is it in magazines? Is it in video games and every other media type imaginable? I think not. Sex isn't a social act, it's intimate, private and when it's an act of love in a committed relationship is when it becomes what it was intended to be. Not some cheap, lust filled exploitation.
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Hicken  +   777d ago
And who are you to decide what sex means to everybody else?
Godlovesgamers  +   777d ago
I don't know why you're even commenting Hicken, because once again you're trying to entertain a subject you have zero experience with.

Seriously though, shouldn't you be somewhere else, passionately defending a review score of a game you've never played? Seems like that's your modus operandi.
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Hicken  +   777d ago
Well, that's one way to avoid answering a question you have no good answer to.

Sex, like pretty much everything else in this world, only has whatever meaning we assign to it.

It can be used for social bonding, or purely for procreation, or purely for recreation, or to express your love for the other person. Hell, it can even be used as an expression of hatred or dominance. It can be used to shame and incite fear. It can be a reward, or a punishment.

For some, it's a way to make a living.

There's so much more to sex than just what YOU think it means. But if you had ANY inkling of this, you might have responded in an intelligent manner, rather than with that piss poor excuse for a deflection.

Pretty pathetic.
Lord_Sloth  +   777d ago
Classy people don't look down on others simply because they like this sort of thing. They don't sit there and talk about how they're classy and what makes them classy and what makes everybody else unclassy.

Seriously, dude, class is simply how you carry yourself around others. It has nothing to do on how you enjoy the human body at all. Right now, you're not displaying any yourself at the moment.
abzdine  +   777d ago
The case DOA is not the best one to choose cause sexy or not that game is amazing!
i bought all DOA games but because i am interested in the game itself but in my case i am looking for quality products and i'm not falling in marketing scams
Kaini_Industries  +   777d ago
Shit article.
Max-Zorin  +   777d ago
Trolling with Zack is a lot of fun.
Software_Lover  +   777d ago
Yeah, because Master Chief just turns me on. That is why I have bought so many Halo games and not one DOA game.
KonsoruMasuta  +   777d ago
You could have bought it for Cortana.
kratos_TheGoat  +   777d ago
if sex sell how com bayontta flop lmao

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