Don't underestimate 'Call Of Duty: Ghosts'

Call of Duty has been the king of shooters for several years running, ever since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare came crashing onto the scene.

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sigfredod1441d ago

I don´t underestimate it, i just don't like COD anymore

MyFeetHurt1441d ago

maybe next time read the article instead of only the reported title of it...

KillrateOmega1441d ago

Nothing in the article invalidated his statement.

Blaze9291441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

"i just don't like COD anymore"

omfg you like, nailed it 1:1 lol. That's exactly the feeling.

ovnipc1441d ago

Then gtfo, if u dont like it dont troll! I like cod more than any other shooter. And it will keep selling more than it competition "bf". And that a good thing so bf gets better and better and cod the same gets better. You people are stupid trolls that insult each other, let the comapnies that make the games cmpete for our money that way we get better games! Cod rocks, x1 rocks! Die ps4. Just trolling. Lol

USMC_POLICE1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

You sir are the perfect picture of what is wrong with gaming today! Judging by your poor grammar and spelling you further validate my comment.

GraveLord1441d ago

Understandable. I'm not so into it anymore either. But that doesn't give you the right to troll it.(talking in general here, not specifically to you sigfredod)

1441d ago
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amnalehu1441d ago

Too late, I'm not giving this game a second look...

dillhole1441d ago

I think "don't buy it" would be a better suggestion.

Avernus1441d ago

wait... who underestimates the highly intelligent fish?! THEY SWIM AWAY WHEN YOU APPROACH THEM!!!

Don't let ignorance be your downfall people, CoD is truly next gen!


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The story is too old to be commented.