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Submitted by s8anicslayer 850d ago | opinion piece

Don't underestimate 'Call Of Duty: Ghosts'

Call of Duty has been the king of shooters for several years running, ever since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare came crashing onto the scene. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

sigfredod  +   850d ago
I don´t underestimate it, i just don't like COD anymore
MyFeetHurt  +   850d ago
maybe next time read the article instead of only the reported title of it...
KillrateOmega  +   850d ago
Nothing in the article invalidated his statement.
MyFeetHurt  +   850d ago
^ didnt read it either
Blaze929  +   850d ago
"i just don't like COD anymore"

omfg you like, nailed it 1:1 lol. That's exactly the feeling.
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ovnipc  +   850d ago
Then gtfo, if u dont like it dont troll! I like cod more than any other shooter. And it will keep selling more than it competition "bf". And that a good thing so bf gets better and better and cod the same gets better. You people are stupid trolls that insult each other, let the comapnies that make the games cmpete for our money that way we get better games! Cod rocks, x1 rocks! Die ps4. Just trolling. Lol
USMC_POLICE  +   848d ago
You sir are the perfect picture of what is wrong with gaming today! Judging by your poor grammar and spelling you further validate my comment.
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GraveLord  +   850d ago
Understandable. I'm not so into it anymore either. But that doesn't give you the right to troll it.(talking in general here, not specifically to you sigfredod)
mullenne957   850d ago | Spam
kratos_TheGoat  +   850d ago
or dog will bite lmao
Swiggins  +   850d ago
Not even helicopters are safe mofo!
kratos_TheGoat  +   850d ago
amnalehu  +   850d ago
Too late, I'm not giving this game a second look...
dillhole  +   850d ago
I think "don't buy it" would be a better suggestion.
Avernus  +   850d ago
wait... who underestimates the highly intelligent fish?! THEY SWIM AWAY WHEN YOU APPROACH THEM!!!

Don't let ignorance be your downfall people, CoD is truly next gen!

RadioActiveTwinky  +   850d ago
I just hope that space battle we saw from the trailer was mp. I wouldnt mind shooting guns in space. To me that just sounds fun as hell. Dont care what game it is. Guns in space with 0 Gravity sounds like fun.
If it isnt mp then ill be a little sad.
guitarded77  +   850d ago
I really wouldn't expect it to be MP, unless it's a unique game mode. Probably a big SP event, like CoD's vehicle sequences. Sorry, just my thought... don't want you getting your hopes up, then shot down.
WorldGamer  +   850d ago
Killzone 3 had a 0 gravity area in the story portion. It was toward the end I believe, just saying.
RadioActiveTwinky  +   850d ago
I know im just hoping it would. I mean they are trying to "revolutionize" mp gaming. In my book they could do that.

@WorldGamer I know thats why I actually ended up enjoying Zero G and guns. One of my fav parts in that game. It was funny seeing the helgast just kinda float there after you shot them. It got a chuckle and laugh out of me. It was a lot of fun for me.
Thats why the first thing that came to mind was hoping it would be something implemented in mp. Especially since its COD in all. But, alas i may be saddened that it wont.
Funantic1  +   850d ago
This game will be great and have less bugs than Battlefield 4. Yeah it's the similar to the other CODs but Battlefield 4 is just like part 3. All the FPS games are all alike to a certain degree. COD, Battlefield, and Killzone are the same stuff recycled. Even Destiny is just another Halo. The only FPS game that adds something different is Titanfall. People that play Madden or 2k basketball don't complain that the latest version is like the previous one. What else can you do to the game of basketball?...raise the goal to 11 feet instead of 10? FPS games are a simple concept where you shoot the enemy. How do you change that too much without changing the fundamentals of the game? We've seen almost everything so it's so hard to impress the critics. People expect too much from these developers.
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RadioActiveTwinky  +   850d ago
Titanfall isnt "unique" based on your logic.

Killzone 3 mp had jetpacks and mechs. So it isnt as unique like you are trying to claim.
Trekster_Gamer  +   850d ago
You need to actually experience these games you speak of before you lump them all together as you have.

I myself enjoy the huge set piece moments and gameplay tried and true that COD brings to the table.
Kte  +   850d ago
No zombies no COD period. dont care what you hardcore fanboys think.
Treyarch ruined zombies for me in black ops 2.Pointless level Design With the original maps IMO.
But looking forward to the rumored alien survival mode if true.
TheSsus  +   850d ago
Even if it truly is the best CoD ever, I'm not touching it. It'll just be a refinement of the same CoD4 formula... from 2007. Too many better games are coming, spending money on Ghosts would be a waste.
sdozzo  +   850d ago
I think it will be fun for what it is... BF will be fun too. Both equally fun.


Tons of down votes
KillrateOmega  +   850d ago
I don't know, man. Part of me likes CoD, mainly because I'm good at it and a lot of my friends play it, but I'm getting tired of the series.

My wallet is going to be hit hard in these next few months what with the PS4, PS+, and all the various games that I'll be getting for the PS4. I just don't know if I can justify dropping $60 on yet another CoD.

Anyways, most of my shooter-time will spent on Battlefield 4, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and Destiny. I just may not even have the time to try and squeeze CoD in there.
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norkee  +   850d ago
Call of duty 4 modern warfare in my opinion the best ever COD. Compared to the newer COD games it is elegantly simple and perfectly balanced. Since modern warfare no COD kept my interest for nearly as long. I stopped buying COD games after the first Black ops. Ghosts will sell a shit load of copies but Battlefield is pushing the limits like the first modern warfare did. With a fresh start on a new generation Battlefield has never been in a better position to dethrone the COD king.
MRMagoo123  +   850d ago
Yeh cod4 and W@W where my favs, the rest all just seemed the same to me.
Lykon  +   850d ago
ssj27  +   850d ago
Don't underestimate KILLZONE SHADOW FALL
Is part 4 of a great franchise that will launch with the PS4.

Is the only full fps next gen title.

COD will sale well like always but it will die little by little if they don't update their engine and quality in general.
fhizikz  +   850d ago
COD been sucking since modern warfare 2
GrandpaSnake  +   850d ago
time to derail this hype train everyone!
quenomamen  +   849d ago
No need brah, the wheels will fall off by themselves a month after launch. Im glad i wont be one of dumbshits who bought a $ 60 ticket, yet again.
obelix01  +   850d ago
There's alot riding on COD this year. Battlefield looks amazing & there are new consoles coming. Maybe, just maybe some extra effort has been put in the latest installment. We will see.
Kleptic  +   849d ago
actually, i don't think anything is riding on CoD this year...its next year to watch out for...

just like the 360 and PS3 launches...CoD 2 on 360 was a 'big deal' because the system...literally...had absolutely nothing but crappy ps2 ports in 2005...but even in 2005 it was 4 year old redundant WWII fps stuff...

ps3 in 2006...they released cod 3...what many regard as the worst cod to date...ghosts fits into the same type of launch window situation...ghosts could fail, and next years CoD 'could' be the sort of reboot that CoD 4 was...and it could start all over again...

I have had absolutely zero interest in any cod game since 2007's original MW...going back to WWII in world at war? forget it...and by the time MW2 dropped, killzone 2 was out and i had no interest in class-less multiplayer anymore...

but i won't sit here and say that if 2014's CoD pulls a similar phenomenon that CoD 4 did...that i'll ignore it...its just, for me, there are currently FAR superior shooters to play than least, from what i've seen...

my point is...Cod 4 arguably became what it was because the previous years game was so atrocious...i know Cod 4 had been in development already, but i guarantee its 'refreshing' feeling came because of cod 3 being so bad...if ghosts plops dead on arrival, it'll hopefully result in some heads getting knocked around at activision and a possibly awesome 'fresh' installment coming a year later...

so please...if you enjoyed cod 4...and would like a similar watershed installment in the franchise...STOP buying its clones...not one of them has been better than cod4, we all admit that, just freaking stop purchasing them until something truly great shows up again...
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jjb1981  +   850d ago
TechMech2  +   850d ago
IIl stick with halo. It actually requires, you know, skill.
franwex  +   850d ago
I got into COD pretty late. I've only played the modern warfare games too. So I'm actually excited for Ghost. First COD game I'll probably buy as soon as it comes out.

What I like is the story and the spec ops mode splitscreen. Not much of a MP fan.
ninjahunter  +   849d ago
Well, if they can get Latency and Being shot out of the way, then im all ears. Its a pretty fun game when your not dieing for reasons out of your control.
quenomamen  +   849d ago
I dont underestimate it at all, I expect it to to the same tired ass game every year and it meets those expectations so I dont buy it. The definition of insanity is expecting something to change knowing godamn well it won't.
Godlovesgamers  +   849d ago
"Don't underestimate 'Call Of Duty: Ghosts'"

Waaaaaay too late.

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