Should I Sell My PS3 or Xbox 360 Capture Card?

Should I sell my Elgato, Avermedia, Hauppaug HD PVR, Roxio Game Capture etc.? This is the Big Question Youtubers all want to know. Because both PS4 and Xbox One has incorporated their own built in capture cards "BUT" no one hasn't said anything about recording commentary or video editing which is very important to the Youtube Gamplay Nation.....

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pop-voxuli1892d ago

Yeah I dont think anyone is asking that.

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Sitdown1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Actually Microsoft has said something about editing and commentary...... at this time it seems like it is common knowledge that using the Kinect that you can actually do picture in picture commentary. If this is a question being asked, a simple Google search could help answer.

Edit: Yeah, I agree with pop-voxuli.

CommonSense1892d ago

Well, Sony doesn't allow capture through HDMI, and there is no component out of the box. As far as I know, you can still capture HDMI with Xbox one.

The other problem, though, is that the first generation of some of these devices don't have HDMI in. The new ones do.

theRell1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

An update will be coming for capture through HDMI.

Freedomland1892d ago


You can capture on ps4 with external devices before it was a problem with hdcp but with patch they will fix it.

fredrikpedersen1892d ago

But doesn't the PS4 only have HDMI out? If so, then that's a problem

Freedomland1892d ago


HDMI out only recognizes HDMI so with patch Sony will lift this restriction of hdcp and you will be able to record via hdmi to av or component cable.

SonyNGP1892d ago

I don't see the point of this "article". The guy asks if he should sell his capture device, and later says he wouldn't recommend it.

Also, the Xbox 360 did not have any HDCP encryption besides when playing media content, and neither will the Xbox One. The only device that requires a bypass (for HDMI) is the PS3, and PS4 (temporarily until the patch it, which is dumb cause it should've been there at launch).

AceBlazer131892d ago

I expect the recording on both consoles to be gimped in some form or manner so most people who want to take this gameplay commentaries thing seriously would still go for the hardware designed for it.So gettin rid off your capture cards would he kinda dumb.

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