'Mass Effect' producer: "character turnarounds are jaw dropping"

Examiner: "Following up the stellar trilogy that was Mass Effect is certainly no easy task for the teams at BioWare. From the great locales, personalities, and more, the series just knocked it out of the park. With another installment in the franchise in development, sometimes we get tidbits of information out of developers in their sprint review meetings. Today, some comments came from producer Mike Gamble."

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Godmars2901768d ago

What is that suppose to mean? They're using established characters but are doing radically different things with them? Are making new characters and are developing their personalities and/or histories quickly?

Kamikaze81768d ago

Who knows, all we do know is that he thinks the concepts they have so far are jaw dropping. Wonder if we'll see any new species/races...

Sayburr1768d ago

From the article: "For those who are unaware, character turnarounds are a part of the concept phase where artists draw the character from the front, side, and back alongside a fully colored version"

So, the artwork is "jaw dropping"

Godmars2901768d ago

Managed to miss that when glossing over the article. But yeah, it's pretty meaningless.

Or rather at this early stage its too early to be hyping character art, especially when the game or franchise its for has a history for turning shallow in regards to mechanics and story.

Roccetarius1768d ago

Maybe if you could play something else than a human, it would be interesting in Mass Effect. At this point though, i'd much rather have a more competent developer working on the game.

Mike Gamble isn't a good sign for the game already.

linkenski1768d ago

Uhh, you do realise Mike Gamble isn't in charge of most of the creative aspects of the development right? If you want anyone thrown out of Bioware it should be Mac Walters who is obviously a complete and utter hack.

Roccetarius1768d ago

Yeah, Mac Walters is one of the worst offenders as well.

Lovable1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

The only thing I want from this game is to make character looks and feels less robotic. I'm talking generally...

SuicideKing1768d ago

What I would really dig in the next mass effect would be more ship options. Customization, and ship battles would be awesome.

linkenski1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Interesting, I guess.

Foxgod1768d ago

Just bring back the robo camel toe!

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