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Submitted by DarkLordMalik 848d ago | article

Watch_Dogs Comparison: Current Generation vs Next Generation Character Models

Watch_Dogs is going to be released soon. What about the comparison between current generation and next generation. We have got our hands on both versions footage so we decided to compare them both against each other. (PC, PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

ape007  +   848d ago
it's not current gen, it's a cheap cgi
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ShinMaster  +   848d ago
The lighting is entirely different. Not sure if we should compare yet.
UltimateMaster  +   847d ago
The next gen looks much more realistic.
But I don't know why it's so dark.
It wasn't THAT dark in any of the PS4 trailers I've seen.
lilbroRx  +   847d ago
I'm seeing a lot more than "different" lighitng.

The lighting is all around more detailed and higher level.
The clothing is more detailed and higher res on top of having texture effects.
The faces and skin clearly have more texture detail as well.
MWong  +   847d ago
The lighting, shading, texture and detail in the next-gen versions are far above the current gen versions.
mullenne957   847d ago | Spam
cyguration  +   848d ago
Why is Watch Dogs underscored?
JimmyHACK  +   848d ago
That's the way the name is branded and typed for the game, with an underscore between the words (Hacking/Coding theme).
cyguration  +   848d ago
Thanks for explaining that. It's the first time I've seen it underscored like that.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   847d ago
No surprise you didn't seen it before, most people will never use it.

Just like everyone spells Infamous instead of InFAMOUS (the whole idea was to make the word "famous" outstand to "infamous") or Socom instead of SOCOM (which is actually an acronym, hence should be all capitalized).
Half-Mafia  +   848d ago
Do people really take threads from NeoGaf and then make them into a article for hits.
Blaze929  +   848d ago
yes. yes they do.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   847d ago
It happens more frequently than you might think... Even big sites like IGN, Gamespot, 1up and such will every once in a while take a hint from a NeoGaf thread. The difference is that they actually fake it better.
boya3gob94  +   848d ago
As usual ... Ps4 Xbox One and pc are next gen so they should be superior to current gen (Wii u Ps3 and Xbox360)
_QQ_  +   848d ago
Pc in its own class.
Ulf  +   848d ago
Sadly, you forgot some qualifiers.

High-end $1200-$5000 gaming rigs are in their own class.

The average gaming PC is not much better than the HD 4000, in terms of GPU performance, and the HD 4000 is weaker than the X360's Xenos GPU.

Even modern Haswell-based rigs don't compete with the consoles, because they either ship with an internal HD 4600 or HD 5200 (which only just stacks up to a 360), or they ship with an entry level GPU like the HD 7450 or GTX 630 -- both of which only barely top the internal GPUs.

The amount of in-use hardware that tops XB1/PS4 performance is pretty dang small, because it costs so much, and takes too much knowledge/skill to put together and maintain.

You can pretty much count on the researchers at AMD and nVidia to peg the most minimal upgrade to the "average gaming machine" with their first mid-range GPU, at any time. They do that for a living -- they want to sell GPUs, after all. Thus... HD 7730, and GTX 640 -- both of which do not come all that close to matching the XB1 or PS4, but are decent GPUs.
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Trekster_Gamer  +   848d ago
And the number of people that own these high end PC rigs PALES in comparison to Xbox & PlayStation user base...
_QQ_  +   848d ago
@ above why does the user base matter? the point of PC gaming is having the option to make a rig that can game at 1400p even700$-900$ rigs can achieve impressive numbers for console standards. options is the name of the game with PC no need to get defensive.
Ulf  +   847d ago
A $700-$900 rig probably will be on par with the PS4/XB1, though.

Why would you want to spend that extra $400?

Also, if you are an average chump, isn't taking your rig into Staples, or sending it back to Dell, or whatever, a big pain whenever you need to do something like "update your graphics drivers", which you have no idea WTH that is?
_QQ_  +   847d ago
@ulf, true PC gaming isn't for everyone, but anyone over the age of 16 should be able to learn the works via Youtube TBH. also Steam OS will hopefully make PC gaming much more user friendly.
webeblazing  +   847d ago
Drivers update automatically, so do windows, so do games, n a lot of motherboards starting 2 have software that update every thing on your motherboard
Cueil  +   847d ago
A 700 dollar Rig would blow away the PS4 and Xbox One... it's not even a contest. If updating graphics is that much of a big deal you can just do it through steam
Chrischi1988  +   847d ago
Not true,

first: you dont need more than a $700 rig.

if you tend to buy more than 10 games on your platform, then this is not more expensive than a console, since games are way cheaper on PC, if you look a little.

second: A standart gaming rig has nothing more than HD4000? This is hilarious. A $100 graphics card is better than that, I would get a better one, with only $400 for the whole system. Then you cannot forget, that we talk about a growing install base, for PS4 and for PC, only that PC parts will get cheaper and cheaper and more powerful and PS4 becomes cheaper and stays the same. So in about 2 years, you wont need a $700 rig to compete against PS4 and every new gaming PC will be better. People act like the standart PC cant run most new games, but that is not true. You people always act like PS4 competes with an High End PC, but it actually merely competes with a mid range gaming PC, meaning one with an actual graphics card. Installbase of PS4 might become great, doesnt mean, that PCs isnt great already and will grow even further. Mid ranges from nowadays are already competeable with PS4, in 2 years that are low end gaming PCs, with a Mantle API compatible graphics card, that will blow away a PS4 and everyone with a little PC knowledge knows that pretty well, but there is a reason people buy consoles, because they dont want to put up with all that hardware stuff, but then they should actually stop talking about hardware of consoles, like that matters any, they cannot even run 1080p games, how should the games look like in 4 years from now? Still 720p, where PC are probably above 4K. Talk about quality^^

PC gamers know what to expect, because your next gen, is our gen before current. And no, I am not talking about a $2000 rig. PC gamers know what they are talking about, console gamers want to become like PC gamers, talking about hardware and stuff, but somehow always show, how ignorant and wrong they are. Only Console gamers with knowledge about hardware and so an, are those, who are actually PC gamers and own a console, for whatever reason.
MajorAly  +   848d ago
Actually Wii U is an eight-generation console just like Xbox One and PS4 will be. Only thing is that Wii U is seriously underpowered in front of PS4 and Xbox One.
deadfrag  +   848d ago
Well underpower or not i will take Bayonneta 2... for Wii U over any PC or next generation Watch dogs on the fly!And i can play Watch dogs most likely on ultra graphics;on my rig or in my future to be PS4.
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_QQ_  +   848d ago
@deadfrog no need to be defensive, Bayo 2 looks great,so does infamous and dead rising. The games look great, thats all that matters.
Gemmol  +   848d ago
yall keep saying seriously under power its not like the Wii vs ps3/360 that was a big difference......Wii U stronger then ps3 and 360.....and last i heard ps4 is only 8 times stronger then ps3/360 so difference between games from Wii U and ps4 will be a difference but not ps3/360 to wii difference....all those expecting that need to compare PC to Wii U if you want to see a big gap in difference....Pc can do the same to Ps4 and xbox one so in words of great G enjoy your games and put specs away
lilbroRx  +   847d ago
Don't insult my PC by lumping it in with your garbage consoles. They aren't on my hardware's level and never will be.
razrye  +   847d ago
It's probably a piece of crap.
KonsoruMasuta  +   847d ago
WiiU is an 8th gen console. The Wii was Nintendo's gen 7 console.
Viking_Socrates  +   848d ago
Is that really the difference? Impressive, kinda glad I'm going for next-gen.
sta3i4d  +   848d ago
How Watch Dogs Xbox 360/PS3 Version Compare to GTA5 current gen...
Blaze929  +   848d ago
gotta be the dumbest article i clicked on today. Really, 3 pictures and the only side being dark as hell?
MidnytRain  +   847d ago
There are reflections on his coat in one of the pictures.
Vip3r  +   848d ago
Difference is day and night to me.
Crazay  +   848d ago
My buddy is working on this game and he says this game is every bit as amazing as people hope. I'm hoping to get to go and play it in the next 2 weeks
Legion21  +   848d ago
Unfair comparison, next gen is too dark.
cunnilumpkin  +   847d ago
this game will look better on a $150 pc gpu

its like this;

ps3/360-low settings, sub hd
ps4/xbox1-medium settings-900p
pc-choice of low/medium/high/very high/ultra
720p, 900p, 1080p, 1200p, 1440p, 1600p, eyefinity/4k

pc version will own !
saikorican  +   847d ago
Do you feel better now that you got that out of your system?
Shakengandulf  +   847d ago
Every single time.
sGIBMBR  +   847d ago

You guys are getting very boring and repetitive.
TeflonHahn  +   847d ago
WTH has happened to gaming man? People are acting like consoles are producing dog shit quality graphics to the point that they're useless. I have a gaming rig that I barely use. I love the convenience of my home console. I miss the days of playfully arguing with my friends to give up the controller because they lost their round on Tekken or Street fighter. I enjoy going to pick up a game in store and wanting to rush home to pop it into my system. Lets be real people, all this zooming in and counting pixels and "l0L sto0p!d cOnsLe gaMerz! Pc h@d v!su@lz liKe d@t yeaRz ag0!" needs to end. There has ALWAYS been a community of PC gamers but I swear it seems like after that PC gameplay video for BF3, PC "gamers" have been climbing from under manhole covers and busting through walls like the Kool-aid man. Seriously, the fuck did they all come from? Gaming would NOT be where it is today had it not been for consoles. Period. Yes there are PC devs that are talented, but I respect and admire a console dev who can make a game look damn good and play amazing and then use that SAME hardware years down the line to improve (MGS 2 to 3, uncharted 1 to 2 to 3, god of war 3-ascension) Sorry guys for the rant..just saying. Smh.
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FreakdoutKid  +   847d ago
amazing diiference
windblowsagain  +   847d ago
I reckon watch dogs will receive high scores just like GTA. But from the gameplay it looks boring tbh.
tee_bag242  +   847d ago
You just reminded me of the good old days of couch gaming with mates. Street Fighter and Tekken were the shniz
lilbroRx  +   847d ago
And the Wii U version is supposed to be in between. It will be interesting to see.
arbitor365  +   847d ago
leaning more towards last gen, as the devs stated
lilbroRx  +   847d ago
That is not what they said. The said, that there are some things that look next gen and some things that looked closer to current gen.

Most people truncated the quotes down to what they wanted to hear. It was always "some things look closer to current gen" from the real statement. Overall it is in between. If they meant otherwise then they wouldn't have stated that.
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solid_snake3656  +   847d ago
I haven't seen anything impressive from ubisoft as far as next gen is concerned. Watchdogs and Assassins Creed BF just look at bit more polished and detailed with better lighting on next gen consoles.
1nsomniac  +   847d ago
I'm not quite sure what your expecting but I think you'll probably be disappointed as currently those games 'almost' match a high end PC.

If you were expecting better than a current high end PC it's not gonna happen!
despair  +   847d ago
The Division seems interesting but mostly for the first year or so the graphical fidelity will be the only major improvement we see (along with loadtimes and framerates)but we will start to see more complex systems and worlds being developed, and definitely its going to be the generation of the open world games.

Patience, its not a miracle leap in games but an evolution and it takes time.
solid_snake3656  +   847d ago
Yes actually the division does look pretty damn good. I totally forgot about that game.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   847d ago
Blackflag is gorgeous.
wishingW3L  +   847d ago
it can be darker because they are not limited by pre-baked lighting like current gen games. But this is not something you can appreciate through low quality pictures.
Cheaptrick  +   847d ago
This is probably the worst comparison I've seen so far. It makes it looks like the current gen is 100 years older than the next gen. I won't be that surprise when the real thing comes there's really not that much of a difference.
jay2  +   847d ago
Ubi should have put ALL the budget and staff for WD into a next gen and PC launch title, and drop the current gen. New IP, new gen,
Valenka  +   847d ago
What a rubbish "comparison." There is no proper evidence here while the lighting is vastly different.

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