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PS Vita Slim internal storage not usable with a memory card

When the PS Vita Slim was announced several weeks ago during Tokyo Game Show, many Sony fans got excited on the slim design and the internal storage built into the hardware. The idea of having at least 1GB of internal storage is a good idea as it doesn’t force people to buy a memory card to play retail games. (PS Vita)

darthv72  +   659d ago
Well that sounds like it sucks. hell even the PSP Go you could use both the 16gb internal as well as a M2 plugged in. I have games stored on the internal and use the M2 for videos and music i load from my PC.

this may just be a temp thing that sony will address with a fw update.
dedicatedtogamers  +   659d ago
Yeah, seems like a simple error in design and/or glitch that would be easily fixable with a firmware update. Sony should've removed the "one account per mem stick" restriction long ago, and I imagine that has something to do with it.
user5575708  +   659d ago
nah that would make piracy so easy. anyone could buy a digital game and download endlessly to new memory sticks and sell/share them
UltimateMaster  +   658d ago
That's just plain stupid.
The PSP Go gives you Internal Memory + External Memory.

Sure, you have to transfer your save files from one card to another, but come on, not being able to use the memory you already have on it?
Come on.

They need a better OS architecture than this.
We need to go to Sony, either by Twitter or something else, and ask them to be able to get both memories to work at the same time.

While we're at it, let's ask them that we get 1080p for Apps like Netflix for the PS Vita TV when it's released in the US.
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colonel179  +   659d ago
Why did the PSP Go have 16GB of internal memory, but the PS Vita can't? Isn't supposed to be very cheap to have internal memory nowadays (certainly cheaper than when the PSP Go launched).

Sony needs to stop relying on these proprietary memory cards. This is the first reason the PS Vita is not selling as well as it definitely should.
darthv72  +   659d ago
What is even more ironic is that the memory card the GO supported (M2) is almost a mirror flip in design of the Vita memory cards.

sony had an existing memory format that would have worked (M2) but it seems obvious that due to it being a smaller MSPDuo that it would be prone to hacking.


IcicleTrepan  +   659d ago
Because they want you to bend over for the 32GB and 64GB cards and how much they cost.
nades_all_night  +   658d ago
@icicle I dont believe Sony is to blame as much for the memory prices as retailers. You have to understand that a large portion of ps vita games are digital, this takes away from a retailers profit. With that in mind, why would a retailer want to stock a system where the customer never returns to purchase anything else for it? Sony and retailers had to come to some agreement to benefit both businesses. Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending high memory prices, but there is reasoning behind it, and I believe Sony is pushing to make prices lower. I believe (and this is just a theory) that Sony will offer larger discounts directly through sony.com and will eventually include cards or just all together do away with them. It is ridiculous to see the price tags on the memory when I walk into target or even on amazon.
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Murad  +   658d ago
IT might, but it really depends on the SBC that Sony used. I feel like this is to prevent hacking of any sort, so I'm guessing that's very doubtful, but hell, it can always happen, right?
DanielGearSolid  +   659d ago
I really dont understand their thought process.... Smh
sashimi  +   659d ago
interesting as well has...huh? although it might be the 1 account per memory card so you can't really have 2 active at the same time.
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Pillsbury1  +   659d ago
Curiouser and curiouser...
nevin1  +   659d ago
This must be an error?
OmegaShen  +   659d ago
So he was hoping to install his games to 1GB? Isn't most Vita games bigger then 1GB?

To me this isn't to big of a deal, like the 360. I use the memory build into the system for updates and apps. Everything else can be on a memory card.
darthv72  +   659d ago
What this implies is that you can use one or the other but not both.

"internal storage will not be usable when a memory card is inserted"

So it is likely that once you remove the memory card, the internal memory will be accessible. I had a sony cell phone that had the same limitation.
OmegaShen  +   658d ago
Hm, well it doesn't seem like a deal breaking. I mean at least you get memory to start out with until you get around to getting a memory card.
kratos_TheGoat  +   659d ago
i sometimes wonder why sony make dumb decision first the price now this.
HakatoX  +   659d ago
makes sense(to me). If there is an xploit cause having internal mem. you still wont be abl to use said expoit ifyou want to pirate a game. few vita games are under 1 gig. Even then I doubt it's a full gig.
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HakatoX  +   659d ago
wow, people are pissed over a gig and my opinion... sad really
jujubee88  +   659d ago
That just makes the save transfer process more complex. They need to patch that ASAP!
TomahawkX  +   659d ago
Duh, just take out the external mem card and you can use the internal memory. The vita can only use 1 source at a time for memory either internal or external. You can't switch which memory the vita should load from. If you want to run the games installed on the internal memory just remove the external one.
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IcicleTrepan  +   659d ago
Sounds like a hardware limitation to me, the original VIta is looking better all the time. Think it's nearly time for me to snap one up before they go away..
Hicken  +   658d ago
Sounds like a software limitation, not a hardware one.
yewles1  +   659d ago
This happens with the 12GB PS3 as well, internal flash storage deactivates when you install a HDD.
darthv72  +   659d ago
that is pretty good to know. I didnt know that. i figured it would be like the 360 slim where you can use both internal as well as the hdd.
dredgewalker  +   658d ago
I just wish they would have made the internal memory bigger! Since they could have put any other type of flash memory inside. I can live with only using one type of memory in the newer vita but at least they could have given us bigger internal memory. I have psn plus and I want almost all the free games installed on my vita.
tubers  +   658d ago
Sucks but no biggie IMO.

It's for those the more "casual" (what Sony said in 2K reveal) who probably doesn't want to invest much on the system and mostly saves and some patches.

I think Sony was better off giving away free 2GB/4GB cards unless the internal 1 GB will allow unique 2K "hidden" features for future patches.
nades_all_night  +   658d ago
my thoughts exactly. It seems Sony cant make both retailers and customers entirely happy so they found some what of a middle ground. But I think Sony could do better with card prices and don't see why that wont be happening in the near future. I feel they're already doing this with the internal memory and eventually will lower prices even more or increase internal memory usage via firmware.

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