SOMA Is Coming to PlayStation 4 and PC (Trailer)

PS4 and PC is getting a new survivor horror game in the form of SOMA. Here's the first trailer.

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Thatguy-3101893d ago

Seems like a lot of pc games will be making its debut to consoles. A Plethora of games incoming to the ps4. My body is ready. One more month!!

DeadManIV1892d ago

This game looks super creepy

DeletedAcc1892d ago

And the next ps4 game on my radar

ATi_Elite1892d ago

SOMA = muscle relaxer

PC and PS4 are Indie Dev friendly

XB1 not so much

MasterCornholio1892d ago

Looks very interesting and the last part reminds me of aliens.

So why did Microsoft reject this game? I mean if its coming to both the PS4 and PC it should come to the Xbox One as well. And I doubt that the developers forgot about the Xbox One so I believe that its Microsoft's fault that the game isn't coming to their console.

Nexus 7 2013

MazzingerZ1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

It's the developers choice. PS4 is easy to develop for, Cerny wasn't kidding with those PS2-PS1 devtimes being possible on PS4

PS4 allows devs to cut development time down by 8-10 months! That includ porting from PC as well, PS4 is powerful as well so add that it's architecture and you have the best candidate for PC ports from small devs like in this case.

According to Cerny´s presentation just to get a graphic engine working on last gen, it took way too long, for PS3 it could take between 6-12 months (don't know the X360 but not faster than 6 months I guess)

Today, to get a graphics engine running on PS4 it takes 1-2 months...just like on PS1!

This is just the beginning, this is what SONY meant when they said they didn't pay for exclusives on PS2, not all devs have a huge budget so they choose what pays-off better for them

For a small dev with a non-so commercial game, porting to X1 sounds like risky, cost more than PS4 and MSFT might have other demands, like releasing at the same time, same quality, not free DLC over XBL, etc..all that adds dev costs and too much stuff for a small PC dev to get into.

Then you have installbase, PS4 will have larger from day one and the more of these games ads to the PS4 games libary the more console gamers realise which console offers those hidden gems.

MasterCornholio1892d ago

In other words the developer neglected the Xbox One due to the elevated development costs caused by the difficulty of development. Which means that developing this game on the PC and PS4 is inexpensive when compared to the Xbox One. Microsoft should have listened to developers instead of ignoring them.

Nexus 7 2013

FlameHawk1892d ago

I think its because Sony is going to the developers and asking them to develop for the PS4, and I'm sure that frictional games never thought of being on consoles.

TesMgsFan1892d ago

This game damnn i always wanna play games like these on a console

MazzingerZ1892d ago

Get a PS4, more to come :)

TesMgsFan1892d ago

I will get one :D Then the hole family will be united ( got ps1, ps2 and ps3) :D

kingduqc1892d ago

Then why didn't you play on pc, there is hundreds of game like those...

TesMgsFan1892d ago

Uhmm No, that amount of money to buy a pc just No

shysun1892d ago

Looks freaky as hell!!

Campy da Camper1892d ago

Agreed. And just as I stopped having nightmares from Amnesia Dark Decent :-(

The Meerkat1892d ago

I feel like I've played enough formulaic games this gen. I want the weird stuff. And it seems as if the PS4 is getting all the weird love.

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