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"How fortunate that this is not a complete solution, but a review here. For in Beyond: Two Souls, you have the opportunity to make decisions - and as in Heavy Rain. Thus, it naturally affects the rest of your game - and I will not take me much time to discover all the ingenious ideas and unexpected twists. Not for nothing Sony called the genre of the PS3 game as "Interactive Drama" You have it in your hand and directs the drama through your actions in one direction or another. And that's one of the reasons why Beyond: Two Souls is not a game that you throw or sold, after playing through once in the corner."

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wishingW3L1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

pretty much like anticipated. Small sites were going to rate it good while big sites were going to destroy it. And that happens because small sites give the score they want while most big sites give scores based on what they think the masses might like.

KUV19771772d ago

So bad scores are automatically fake/biased and awesome ones are totally real. Interesting logic.

Ezz20131772d ago

that what i thought as well
but who cares
as long as you enjoy the game
that all what matters

SlapHappyJesus1772d ago

Is that why his other games, done largely in the same way, fared better in terms of overall reception?

boeso1772d ago

They could be doing that or they couldn't. The fact you have chosen to believe one theory over the other say more about you than them.

Its opinion it doesnt matter.

MadMax1772d ago

Was thinking the same thing! Its a great game nonetheless!

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BullyMangler1772d ago

how is 10 out of 10? wilt read this, but how 10 jus saying because i saw what it looks like, and that dsnt look 10.

so what other lies lie in this articLe

CocoWolfie1772d ago

a 10 is considered a masterpiece of gaming i guess, at least to the person who wrote it.. people have different opinions hence why every review doesnt get the same score.. heavy rain went down the same route but here, this person enjoyed it, that they think its a noteworty game in gaming :p

DOMination-1772d ago

Its a bit ridiculous. I understand if the author likes the game but a ten? Making ot one of the best games ever.. I don't think so.

1772d ago
angelsx1772d ago

ebilollybe145 is idiot

GamePeace1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

This game is beyond good and evil, a mixture between heaven and hell, a common, terrestrial game without a spark of brain. The childish looking protagonist is a joke, when do you ever create some serious Quality games, Quantic Dreams? Quit your job, stop pretending with this boring contents... whores are whores and will remain whores...

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