Aaron Greenberg Pokes Fun at Sony by Responding to Play PS4 Early With Taco Bell Campaign

Greenberg: "Nice to see fans playing #XboxOne before it launches, no Taco Bell required ;-)

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xHeavYx1412d ago

Right, because playing a few minutes on a tour is better than winning a free console. I get it's a joke, but he needs to try harder, I mean, people already tried both consoles long ago in different conferences

Abash1412d ago

Its nice that Sony doesnt poke fun at needing to shovel down bags of Doritos and gulp down Mountain Dew to up the chances of winning an Xbox One.... so why is Greenberg poking fun at the five buck box Taco Bell contest to win a PS4?

The guy is so unprofessional and a plain hypocrite.

s8anicslayer1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

These guys are so dumb it's blinding, The A & A boys (Albert & Aaron) really don't know when to shut up. I mean that is so childish and I find that their way of trying to build momentem is like that of a young boy telling a girl he likes her...Awkward!

malokevi1412d ago

Its a joke... lol. With all the trolling Kaz & the Sony CEOs do, you think you Sony faithful would be able to stomach a little jibe in your direction.

Evidently not!

_QQ_1412d ago

relax man these people are enjoying their console of choice, does it really hurt you that bad to see other people enjoying xboxone?

P0werVR1412d ago

Taco Bell....YUCK! PS4 HElL YEAH!

But why Taco Bell?!

AngelicIceDiamond1412d ago

@Heavy an can you just enjoy next gen altogether regardless of console?

JokesOnYou1412d ago

It happens...I just which they were funnier.

UnHoly_One1412d ago

Heavy you really need to get over yourself.

If this was the other way around and it was Shuhei Yoshida making a joke like this, you'd all be in here circle jerking about how cool he is and how amazing Sony is, and blah, blah, blah...

Seriously, just give it a rest.

xHeavYx1412d ago

Funny you tell me to get over myself, yet you have your share of comments on PS4 articles. Hypocrite much?

UnHoly_One1412d ago

I didn't say you shouldn't be posting on this article. Post wherever you want.

I'm just saying that when Sony takes jabs at MS, you guy all love it and kiss their ass, but when it goes the other way it's terrible.

There is certainly a hypocrite here, but it isn't me.

ABizzel11412d ago

Says the guy who's console is on the back of Doritos bags giving a chance to win a console every 2 minutes.

nukeitall1412d ago

I love how, Abash says Sony doesn't do this and gets 4 times the agrees to disagrees. Then JokesOnYou show proof of the oppsite and gets 11 times disagrees to 1 agree!

n4g is a Sony fangirl heaven!

NewMonday1412d ago

everyone loves a funny jab

thing is when someone in a losing team dose it just looks pathetic.

Greenberg just hit a new low

ShinMaster1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

@ UnHoly_One

When Sony pokes fun, it makes sense! This does not.
It's not that PS fans can't take a joke.

There is a huge difference between playing the XBO once for a few minutes at some event and winning a PS4 console for you to own.

@ nukeitall

Why are you still here then!?
It's obviously not true, you just can't see past your bias.

AngelicIceDiamond1412d ago

@Heavy I notice you can't properly back up your statements. Lately I see you scrambling through somebodies comment history searching for some hypocritical statement of sorts. Are your comments that absurd that you can't back up your own logic? Wow, that's a first.

That's weak, if you can't take it don't dish it honestly


If Aaron Greenberg is unprofessional then. Shuhei Yoshida and Andrew House are just "unprofessional as Aaron then.

Don't start that hypocrite talk when Sony through mud first.

ZodTheRipper1412d ago

This joke is not in the position to make jokes.

xHeavYx1412d ago

Another sad Xbox fan. If you cared to check my first comment, you would see all the facts I need. But let me explain it to you in simpler terms.
This "Joker" makes a joke stating that it's better to play on an Xbox for a couple minutes than winning a free next gen console. He seems to forget that people already got a taste of both consoles a long time ago.
But wait, you may need even simpler terms, let me try this to see if you get it.
"Herp, derp, derp derp, lol herp"

AgentSmithPS41412d ago

He has the slimy distorted face of a troll so it's no surprise that he'd say something like this.

Army_of_Darkness1412d ago

But I loooove chilly cheese burritos!!.... damn, now I'm craving some.

Mystogan1412d ago

You can win an Xbox one with Doritos and Mountain too.

What he means is you don't need anything to play Xbox One early.

Of course you don't think the joke is funny because its about the PS4.

ShinMaster1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

@ Mystogan

There's a difference between playing an XBO once for a few minutes and winning a PS4 to own.

Maybe it would have been funnier if it made sense.

Pogmathoin1412d ago

Guys, PS4 is clearly a better taco bell combo. If xheavy says it is, it must be true. He is after all a top class sony fanboy/troll.... Pay attention to what he says...

scott1821412d ago

When Sony pokes fun at Micro they actually make good, funny points. Microsoft are idiots when it comes to PR and idiots when it comes to making jabs, neither are successful... Sony is doing an awesome job advertising their product, you jelly Greenberg?

Gozer1411d ago

So the guy made a joke. You people getting all defensive need to lighten up. It makes you look like an obsessed insane person.

DigitalRaptor1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

@ nukeitall

And only an Xbox fanwarrior would take notice to a number of disagrees to agrees and act like it matters.

at least Sony fanboys aren't supporting an anti-consumer corporation.

Aaron Greenberg has been revealing himself for years as a manipulative, trolling employee and is the representation of unprofessionalism, but of course over at Xbox that seems to be a requirement. Don't think you can say the same about Sony employees.

rainslacker1411d ago


Difference is that Sony's tweets and trolling are actually funny and sometimes pretty clever.

I don't know what this was...hell I've seen you make better troll comments than this.

Death1411d ago

Sony not anti-consumer? Not even a little? Haven't seen many companies change formats over the life of a device. UMD's didn't last as long as I had hoped. Luckily Sony had a great solution and gave me the opportunity to re-purchase the games for the UMDless PSPGo! Same goes for b/c in PS3's. Rip it from the console and then charge to download it instead. Great move. Mandatory Plus if you want to play online next gen? Awesome pro-consumer move. Atleast they kept their promise with "Full HD" gaming on the PS3. All Vita jokes aside, atleast they didn't go with another anti-consumer over priced proprietary format for memory on the system. Would have sucked to pay Microsoft prices for memory cards when so many cheap alternatives exist. Yes, thank you little baby Jesus for a great company that launched a game console at $600 and told me to get another job if I wanted one. Hell, I'm still waiting for the $1200 Jack promised if I could find a PS3 on store shelves for more than 5 minutes. The one thing Sony atleast nailed as pro-consumer was protecting my personal information and credit card numbers in a secure encrypted file on their servers. Could you imagine if they failed to encrypt it and left a hacker steal it from their servers? The only think that could possibly make it worse is if they waited a week to tell me. Now that would be anti-consumer. Kind of like kicking me off the free online unless I opted out of a class action lawsuit for doing it. Now that would be classless and anti-consumer.

Any of this ring a bell?

UltimateMaster1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Microsoft is copying Sony.
Sony were going on tour to campus promoting the PlayStations 3/4/Vita.
Hell, they had that since PS2, but they stopped it for a while and then resumed it.

miyamoto1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Master Tang and Taco Bell

Greenberg is alive? wow!

Whatever happened to PS3 will never outsell Xbox 360?

Hicken1411d ago

I am literally- as in, like an out-of-body experience- beside myself, trying to figure out how those comments by Angelic, malokevi, and Unholy got "Well Said."

malokevi's comment isn't well said because, well, it just isn't. It's not that nobody here can take a joke. It's that the joke wasn't funny, and is actually hypocritical, given their promotion with Doritos and Mountain Dew.

Unholy's first comment is the same. It's trying to draw a parallel between funny jokes and unfunny ones. Oh, and assuming another user's reactions. The second comment is essentially a continuation of the false parallel from the first, meaning it's not very well-said, at all.

And Angelic's comment starts off by saying Heavy lacks facts, yet disregards his original comment, which is fairly factual: winning a console early is FAR better than just getting to play it for a while at a traveling event; both companies are doing this, so it's not like it's really a point in their favor; the joke rather falls flat due to Microsoft doing a very similar promotion. The comment then continues by implying that a rather critical PR message is on the same level as an unfunny, unofficial tweet.

NONE of these comments is Well Said. Yet, somehow, on this Sony fanboy haven, they all get bubbled up.

Does this make sense to anybody else? Cuz I don't get it.

Again- and this is specifically to all you MS fanboys bubbling each other up for saying stupid crap- NOBODY IS UPSET AT WHAT WAS SAID.

It just wasn't funny.