TurtleBeach Headsets Compatible With PS4 On Day One

TGH Writes: "Sony recently reported that Playstation 4 will not support already existing headsets out of the box, be it Bluetooth or USB until a firmware update is released that will remedy this issue. However, TurtleBeach is ahead of the curve and by the time the Playstation 4 releases they will have four surround-sound headsets already on the market ready to go with the new console."

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ArchangelMike1894d ago

I will be really disappointed with Sony if they don't get PS4 compatibility with the Pulse Elite headset by launch. For them touting the social aspects of the PS4, it's a major oversight not to support their own hardware.

amnalehu1894d ago

Don't forget each PS4 will have a headset included! No one will miss out on the social aspect features due to lack of headsets or compatibility issues.

KwietStorm1894d ago

Great for those people, but I couldn't care less about that bundled ear piece. I too have the Elite Pulse, and I'm not liking the idea of being handicapped day 1, especially when we have no clue how long it would take to be fixed.

dethpuck1894d ago

The pair of earbuds packed in does equate to a headset. you can do basic communication, I wouldn't compare it to a dedicated headset

Muerte24941894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

I don't recall Sony is Releasing an actual statement saying that they won't support previous headsets. besides I find it quite odd they would take away a feature that was standard on the ps3. they mention this back in July http://www.computerandvideo...

Ps3 headsets are compatible with ps4. The article was regarding the astro headsets. The author then begun to speculate and we somehow ended up here.

Joe9131894d ago

It is dumb they will support turtle beach day one but not there own stuff.

ShadyDevil1894d ago

It's TurtleBeach who is supporting PS4 not the other way around. Plus its because they have an alternate voice channel via wire that hooks into the DS4 controller.

nosferatuzodd1894d ago

they will just ask shue hes the man he'll put a statement out soon about this they're working on the update as we speak

Majin-vegeta1894d ago

Already sent a tweet to him let's see if he replies *crosses fingers*

MYDEATH211894d ago

Luckily my PX22s are a wired headset that I can plug right into the DS4 ;)
Only $80 but they are built a lot better than the my PX21s that were $130 and are held together by duct tape right now -___-

Back-to-Back1893d ago

Thats why I held off on getting a pulse headset. When they officially support it on ps4 I will pick one up. My px21 is barely usable.

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sigfredod1894d ago

The key word here is: existing headsets, thats what sony state, this article is stating that will have headset compatibles day one so thore are not existing this are new

ShadyDevil1894d ago

Some of them are available now to buy, while others are new or coming out (Ghosts Phantom and the PX4)

Kayant1894d ago

So if this is true then chat works through the controller day one but not through USB or BT right??

ShadyDevil1894d ago

Yes, and IGN even reported that USB and BT will require patch.

inf3cted11894d ago

So its not every headset, its only 4 of them.

Crazay1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Hurry the eff up and make sure you're good to go with XBox One as well.

EDIT - And get on it for the other ones too Sony/TB. My XP500s aren't ready to be replaced

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