The Amazing Spider-Man Swings Onto PS Vita

With New York Comic Con just around the corner, I’m swinging by to let you know more about the upcoming PlayStation Vita release of The Amazing Spider-Man from Activision, a hand-held version of the original PlayStation 3 title.

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rajman1889d ago

Wow, thought those were 3DS screenshots o_0

snitch_puck1889d ago

Those kind of graphics WITHOUT too much aliasing? I wouldn't think that was a 3DS game at first glance.

WeAreLegion1889d ago

That's cool and all, but why? I don't expect high sales, even though I'll buy it.

GdaTyler1889d ago

I expect high sales for Injustice on Vita instead. At least 400K. If Mortal Kombat Vita could do more than 350000 at just retail excluding digital then why not. It even looks like a better port and is 60 fps. Oh my god yes!

Harpers_Ferry1889d ago

I enjoyed the game, but talk about being late to the party.

GdaTyler1889d ago

Better late than never. :p

Harpers_Ferry1889d ago

Can't argue with that. While new content is a bit much to hope for, it would be nice if they at least throw in the dlc for Vita players. The Rhino mode was pretty fun, and it's hard to dislike any game that lets you play as Stan Lee.

GdaTyler1889d ago

It doesn't look THAT bad. I would play the game if it's fun and doesn't have many slowdowns. Plus take into consideration that the Vita's screen is small.

1889d ago
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