Everything I Disliked About GTA V

Yami from Twinfinite writes: "I enjoyed my time with GTA V, okay? Let’s not get our panties twisted. I liked it enough to analyze it repeatedly over various features and even defend it amidst its controversies. But here’s the latest Gaming Happens where I discuss everything I disliked about GTA V. It was a super slow news week (also known as a week where I care about none of the news) so I decided to take this episode to rant it up. I’ll see how this does today as opposed to its usual Saturday release and we’ll go from there- Don’t sass me. I’m sorry for missing three weeks. You’ll hear why above. Or at least get a handful of excuses."

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Goro1745d ago

Why does she dress like a man?

idsanty1745d ago

Because I love confusing you.

Pintheshadows1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

In this case I think your boobs betray you, but personally I like the look.

I like the tie.

P0werVR1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

A man with boobs?! Does that even exist?....hhmmmm

Psychotica1745d ago

The thing that bugs me the most is that online is getting so much more attention than the single player. All kind of features that should be in single player but is not, like selling cars and buying apartments, cops recognizing stolen vehicles etc etc. I also think the radio stations are really lacking..

BLuTheSecond1745d ago

That's because the online is what is going to keep people playing the game for years. Though I do agree that there is no reason those features couldn't have been added to the single player.

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DFray9191745d ago

And She is soooo cute!!!!!!!!

chrissx1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )


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