GamesBeat: The Wolf Among Us Episode One: Faith is an impressive start (review)

GamesBeat's Evan Killham: The Wolf Among Us is off to a great start with this episode. The characters are interesting, the writing is sharp, and the story switches effortlessly between thoughtful investigation sequences and more action-heavy scenes featuring some of the most effective quick-time events I’ve seen in a while. I haven’t read a single issue of Fables, but this two-hour chapter was enough to get me fully invested in its world.

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JeffGrubb1888d ago

WINGED MONKEY!? Surely this is the end times!

darkronin2291888d ago

Dang, Telltale has really been hitting their stride, eh? Can't wait to check this out.

barefootgamer1888d ago

Can't wait to check this out AND re-read the comic series again. I started it many years ago and never finished.

jounceman1888d ago

QTEs...players either love them or hate them. Personally, these interactive novel-esque titles are a joy to play.