Frictional “looking into” bringing Amnesia to PlayStation 4

Frictional Games, which just announced its new sci-fi horror title SOMA for PlayStation 4 and PC, is “looking into” bringing Amnesia: The Dark Descent to PlayStation 4.

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theXtReMe11891d ago

It is incredible how many games have been announced for the PS4 over the past two weeks. There will never be a shortage of games for the system. I love the fact that we are getting so many horror titles. Something you don't see much of in any generation, we are getting what looks to be five of them within the first six months to a year of launch. Some of them for free. I can't wait!

Tooly1891d ago

ikr its a game overload

DeadManIV1891d ago

I really hope we get amnesia

G20WLY1891d ago

Maybe we did and you forgot... ;P

Majin-vegeta1891d ago

It's truely a PS2 era again.

NeMo_HeauxZ1891d ago

Still trying to understand how people are saying PS4 has no games. There will be like 30 games available at launch, between physical and f2p games. Finally a system that gives me more than COD and Netflix behind a paywall. :)

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pyramidshead1891d ago

Must be easier than ported it to the PS3 at least. Hopefully it makes it way to the PS4.

speed3891891d ago

i hope they do it. they wont regret it. amnesia is awsome

chrissx1891d ago

Well,I guess sony really means buisness. Too much good news aint enuff good news :D

WeAreLegion1891d ago

Yes, please!!! I would gladly purchase either one of them again.

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