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15 Predictions for the Future of the Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U

CraveOnline writes: "The Xbox One and PS4 are mere weeks away from being released, and the Wii U is trying to fight its way back into the race with the release of some of its heaviest hitters in the next few months, so it's high time I threw down the gauntlet and made some bold predictions about where I think the future of consoles is heading." (PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

ftwrthtx  +   570d ago
The only thing you didn't touch on was the free-to-play model. Along with online only games, I think studios and publishers are going to be heavily attacking that area with micro-transactions everywhere.
Lalanana  +   570d ago

Xbox Fitness will "unfortunately" be a huge hit

i gotta love this troll writers.
UltimateMaster  +   569d ago
=>My Response

1-PlayStation 4 will trounce the Xbox One across holiday period


2-Nintendo will sell cheaper Wii U bundles without the GamePad

=>Not gonna happen. It'll be pointless to do so since that's what gives value to the Wii U.

If anything, they should sell a stand-alone Wii U game pad with better battery.
But the best option would be to:
A-Make a Wii U with at least 250Gb of HDD and
B-Make purchases lock to your account instead of console.

3-Microsoft will win ground back from Sony in the long run.

=>Now that's some good drugs you got there.
Nobody can predict that far either way.
But so far, I don't see it.

4-The Titanfall series will dethrone Call of Duty

=>COD will be dethrone by everything else. Period.

5-Bayonetta 2 will flop

=>Nope, it's not DMC.

6-Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. U will turn around the Wii U's fortunes.

=>Mario always collected coins for Nintendo.

7-Quantic Dream will start developing for Xbox One

=>What's the name of that drug again?

8-Xbox Fitness will (unfortunately) be a huge hit

=>Yeah, cuz given the choice, people will most likely buy an Xbox One, to then buy the fitness game for a total of 560$ to watch somebody telling them what exercises to do, when they could have gotten a home gym equipment for much less than that.
or more complete:
Others from 125$ to 250$.
And then you build some REAL Muscle, not some thin air exercises, you can do that by watching any workout DVDs for 10$.
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UltimateMaster  +   569d ago
9-PlayStation Plus will offer up top PS3 titles for free

=>Well Uncharted 3 is already there, so yeah, without a doubt.

10-Rare will bring back a few of their most popular series as Kinect games

=>What a waste of good talent. :c

11-The PS4 will revive the Vita

=>Most likely the Vita TV will help a lot in that regard, but I don't see it surpassing the 3DS.

12-We'll get a great Wii U Pokemon game, but it won't be the RPG we're all hoping for

=>Having disappointments by an non-existent game?
That's a new one for me. Those Drugs, are they narcotics? .

13-The PlayStation Eye will become completely obsolete

=>Because nobody uses live chat nor their faces, right? Nobody is gonna use it for stuff like voice commands, facial recognition, record videos. Nobody's gonna want to use the dual Augmented Reality camera nor give better controller support for it since Nobody wants it.
If that's true, you might as well say the Xbox One is doomed by bundling the kinect since nobody has any interest in it.
And if it were sold separately, it would just collect dust on store shelves.
Come on, we all know it isn't true.

14-Downloadable multiplayer-only titles will become the next big thing

=>A lot of games that weren't COD and made a huge success with their single-player. Uncharted, Gears of War, Skyrim, you name it.
Online will be a huge thing, but it won't make single player games disappear.

15-The Kinect will win over the casual crowd and be fundamental to Xbox One's success

=>Not a single casual gamer is willing to even spend more than 300$ on a console, let alone 500$ for something that they will play for 15 minutes and then not touch it for months afterwards. Let alone the fact that it collected dust the first time around with the 360.
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badboy776  +   569d ago
#8 I stopped reading
Beastforlifenoob  +   570d ago
i friking hate micro transactions. I want to petition free2play/microtransaction based games.
acharlez  +   570d ago
Great predictions. Where did you find that crystal ball? I want one!
awesomeabe1998  +   570d ago
Half of his predictions wont come true. Nintendo will never sell Wii U without the gamepad because that is the best part of their console. Bayonetta 2 will not flop but they wont do amazing. MS will not bring casual market with kinect. The casual market are too busy with smartphones and touch screens.
JonnyBigBoss  +   570d ago
So you just made predictions of your own. Good job? :)
blackmanone  +   570d ago
Johnny, are you the only one allowed to throw out predication? Cause Awesomeabe's make a lot more sense than yours.
JonnyBigBoss  +   570d ago
This isn't my article.
NatureOfLogic  +   570d ago
Good predictions overall.
WeaseL  +   570d ago
My prediction is if you break your Kinect you will have to buy a new console.
JonnyBigBoss  +   570d ago
"Xbox explode."

"Oh WTF I didn't think it'd work!"
TechMech2  +   570d ago
Kinect isn't manditory anymore
WeaseL  +   570d ago
Yes I know that but if you ever need to replace it what do you do?
TechMech2  +   570d ago
Buy one on eBay. I'm sure many people will sell theirs.
Kakashi Hatake  +   570d ago
Anyone else getting tired of Xbox being treated like the posterboy of gaming. Its always listed first in these news articles. PS3 won over 360 worldwide but lost in the US. Somehow to these journalist, that negates PS2 and PS1 outselling the competition 4-1 on average. Not to mention PS4 has better preorder numbers than X1. But nope, X1 must be listed first. MS is moneyhatting hard. The X1 controller always has to be in front or in the center too, hilarious.
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Zapala  +   570d ago
Really? Moneyhatting to have the controller in the center?

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UncleGermrod  +   570d ago
failed to mention that half the publicity is negative...the kind of stuff sites use as fanboy lube
MacTastic  +   570d ago
I thought he gave some good predictions. Nothing really over the top. I do wish Bayoneta was coming to next gen though and not just a wii u exclusive.
MONKEYDLUFFY  +   570d ago
If you want a game buy the system it's on. That's the way it works.
MacTastic  +   570d ago
So if there is one game just one game you want that justifies buying a brand new system. No, you just move on. I buy systems for a library of games not just one.
Rockstar  +   569d ago
There are other games on that platform that are worth playing with more on the way.
11eleven11  +   569d ago
Well, you buy what you need more, and if you have time and bucks buy it all.
Drewidian  +   570d ago
I've got one more.

Microsoft will partner with Cable and satellite companies and offer a subsidized Xbox One on a 2 year contract from between $99 to $199, and will outsell the PS4 in 2014 and every year after that.

Many won't like it, but MS adding the HDMI pass through means that the Xbox One can do what no other system to date can do and that's work WITH the current TV service providers and not be dependent on any one cable or satellite company's technologies. It should work around the world meaning the service might be able to be ported everywhere Xbox Live is supported. They may even offer Xbox Live for free on these contracts.
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gwumper987  +   570d ago
This only works in the US, not Canada, europe, Asia anywhere else. Yes that is the biggest singular market but certainly not the only one.
Chrischi1988  +   570d ago
lol, those news are completely biased, but whatever^^

nintendo will never sell wii u without the gamepad, only that way it wont be just a gimmick and offers something appealing. I bet the wirter of this news does not really get the potential the Gamepad has, but for that, games which are not fast ports, have to come, I can think of many ways to use it for it to be not unterutilized, I think that is really dumb to think.
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Ketzicorn  +   570d ago
So how does one company "win" the console wars for that generation. Hardware sales?Software sales? Magic Unicorns? Wii far and away had the most hardware sales but many would say the 360 or PS3 "won" this generation and I would agree they were the better consoles IMO but I never understood people predicting what console wins the generation without a defined way of what it means to win the console war generation.
Nocando  +   570d ago
I think it's whichever company had the greatest market increase.
Drewidian  +   570d ago
In that case, the winner may be Microsoft since they sold at best 24M Xbox first generation units. In contrast Sony sold 155+M PS2s and Nintendo 64 sold a little over 30M. I'd give it to MS since they went from having little market mindshare to an even contender with Sony given that Sony was coming off of the success of the PS2. Nintendo Wii appealed to the casual gamer and most of their devices now collect dust as very few people still use them.
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Derajcan2  +   570d ago
Good article, a lot of predictions i can see happening.
Stevino123  +   570d ago
Tbh, I don't think Xbox One will beat PS4, with all the sacrifices, value, and launch, PS4 could possibly be one of the most popular consoles ever, as it is in such high favor, also for casuals, Cheaper, Great Variety in games, etc. the preorders prove it all pretty much. Is it 2 million or 1.5? I mean, Xbox is doing great, I'm kinda jealous because of Dead Rising, Ryse, and Titanfall, but oh well. My preference is : PS4.
gwumper987  +   570d ago
I agree, and I dont see how a significantly more expensive system could appeal to casuals.
Rockstar  +   569d ago
Xbone may pass PS4 sales at some point but in the U.S. only. World Wide it'll be in favor of the PS4 by a very wide margin.

That's my prediction anyway.
Stevino123  +   569d ago
If you see the preorders and the people who care about graphically superior it is, then you would never question me. Look up, PS4 vs Xbox One poll, it's on gamespot.com the ps4 has it beat everywhere!
kickerz  +   570d ago
I predict Xbox one will be amazing
mpnothanks  +   570d ago
I could see a lot of these happening, but not Wii Us being sold without the Gamepad. And isn't Bayonetta 2 only happening because Nintendo wanted it?
knifefight  +   569d ago
Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony will merge together to create a gaming force the likes of which has never been seen.

They do this because of ferocious oncoming competition from...

BATRA  +   569d ago
mpnothanks  +   569d ago
I imagined this spoken in a slow, loud, monotone voice.
Rockstar  +   569d ago
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mpnothanks  +   569d ago
Stuart81  +   569d ago
I love the fact that lots of people on this site are full of self importance, they think that just because (and this is an example) they dontg want Kinect then that must mean no one wants it lol

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