Steam Machines aren't a "threat" to Xbox One, says Harrison - but it's "unclear" what Valve is doing

You might have heard of a little Valve project known as Steam Machines, announced last month - a set of swanky new PCs that are supposedly tailor-made for living room play, created in partnership with various manufacturers and down for release from 2014 onwards.

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Goku7811892d ago

Again, the only threat to Xbox One is Xbox One.

MiHX21892d ago

The only threat to you are the teletubbies.

dirigiblebill1892d ago

The only threat to my self-esteem is what people say about consoles on the internet.

malokevi1892d ago

The only threat to... ah, fug it.

Lalanana1892d ago

lol Steam over x one..yea ok

Irishguy951891d ago

Im sure the same was said about Sony and Xboxs systems when they were newly arriving Lalanana

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s8anicslayer1892d ago

The only threat to the X1 is to tell the consumer you have to take it or there's a 360 for that! Listen to your consumers and give us what we want and you shall bask in success!

TechMech21891d ago

The only threat to ps4 is online multiplayer.

WorldGamer1892d ago

So, basically Harrison's thoughts on the Steam Machines are......

lol. All he can say is maybe.

darthv721892d ago

oh its pretty clear what valve is doing. they are wanting to make big screen "PC" gaming more attainable and standardize the process at the same time.

4logpc1892d ago

standardized? How is making a PC that fits under a tv, and uses the same hardware you can pickup from any computer store standardized?

fattyuk1892d ago

^^^standardized = more Accessible to people who don't do PC gaming

Im not a PC gamer as I don't have the space/time and knowledge of keeping up with PC gaming.

If steam box is done right and I can stick 1 under my tv with easy updates of new parts then I'm sold.

MiHX21891d ago

It has the SteamOS..PINGASSSS -Dr.Ivo PROMOTIONNNNNNN Robotnik

rainslacker1891d ago

MS has underestimated competitors in the past. They have not understood what those competitors did in the past. They often end up having to play catch up to only marginally achieve what their competitors have done in a much shorter time. MS dismissed Apple. They dismissed Google. They dismissed Steam back in the day.

Is Steambox a threat to X1? Probably no more than regular steam is. I find it to be a fairly niche product, but an appealing enough one to make it's way to the mainstream one day. I wouldn't underestimate Valve. They are obviously a company that can methodically achieve what they want, and never seemed hard pressed on time to do so.

MysticStrummer1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

If only Valve was as clear on their vision as MS has been since the XB1's reveal.


Mystogan1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Valve is not doing any better. I don't understand the purpose of the SteamBox yet. I think its just a glorified Miracast Box, Since you have to stream all the windows games and your PC needs to be on for that. And PC's can already connect to your TV. The only thing interesting about all this is their controller.

DeadlyFire1891d ago

Most future titles will likely come to SteamOS in addition to Win/OSX. The biggest key for Valve to get gamers is having all cards in the deck on SteamOS.

Sure streaming other titles sounds odd or bad, but with low latency controller and picture it could workout to be about the same response time as it normally is for a console player considering PS3/X360 controllers were around 300ms and lots of new tech pushes that number down a bit. Considering the latency from your PC to your living room is bound to be really low. Both Microsoft and Sony state they have lower latency this generation. Sony and Nintendo believe in the latency standard enough to push the same remote play functions to PSVita and WiiU gamepad. So its not like Valve is the only one thinking this could work out well.

Valve is also making it easier for PC users to tap into Music, TV, Movie apps like on say a current day PS3/X360 with their OS. So more recognition spreads to those apps and such. Basically making SteamOS into a console store space of its own. Which I believe is their biggest goal to it. Why sell just games? :)

dodo1011892d ago

And it's still more clear than what MS is doing.

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