Killer Instinct: Sadira's Devastating Combos Trailer

IGN: If you were excited by Sadira's reveal trailer, wait until you see what she can really do with these devastating combos!

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CRAIG6671886d ago

I am already addicted to this game and aint even laid hands on it yet!

mcstorm1886d ago

I agree this game is looking amazing. Got this grand forza 5 on day one pre order Bing in the 22nd of November but back to windwaker for now.

andrewsqual1886d ago

The Kinect game Fighter Within looks better than this and its still awful looking. But I guess that's what happens when you get a developer no with fighting game dev experience whatsoever. It has stiffer animations then the Mortal Kombat series. Could easily be pulled off on current gen at a lower resolution.

drsfinest721886d ago

Reported for trolling. Your definitely not a gamer..

Sitdown1886d ago

At some point in time every fighting game developer developed a fighting game with no what's your point? Besides, do you know the resumes of everybody on Double Helix's staff?