Kiwi GTA Modder May Face Real Cops

Now here's a familiar story, modder cooks up something and gets in legal trouble, although it's usually from the software publisher. In this case, "unauthorised use of a police uniform" is an offense under New Zealand's Police Act.

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marichuu3862d ago

Isn't modding games like that covered by freedom of speech? :o

Kulupoo3862d ago

each country got different laws,
I guess u need permission from rockstar to mod GTA if ur an aussie?

marichuu3862d ago

Rockstar weren't the ones who said anything.
He got busted for using the NZ police uniform in the game without their permission :>

Nice pedobear btw :p

xplosneer3862d ago

And literally, the ad rolling at the top of the screen is none other than a round trip to ...New Zealand. LOL


stupid law. understand from a developers point of view, but from a impersonating police video?? and whats the writer deal with australasia?

"Honestly, what the f-ck is it with Australasia and Grand Theft Auto? I'll just leave it at that. I've never been to either Australia or New Zealand, but crikey, their collective pants-wetting over American video games, this series in particular, makes them look like the schoolmarms of western democracy."

bit racist dont ya think.. what about those american modders that put things like extra vehicles/strange skins and other nameable mods in san andreas. what just because some new zealander dude mods a game, this makes him a "schoolmarm of western society" but the american nerds modding games is cool?
f-ck this article