First Screens of Frictional Games' Sci-fi Horror Title, SOMA

Frictional Games, creators of the beloved horror series Amnesia, has announced their newest project – SOMA.

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sigfredod1894d ago

The graphics use some kind of celshaded style, like rage right?

snake_eater1894d ago

I don't think so, they are... "normal" graphics

Can't wait to play this gem

DeletedAcc1894d ago

And the next ps4 game on my radar

tacotruck1894d ago

It doesn't seem like SOMA is using any celshading, however, the muted color pallet sort of tricks the eye in some instances.

-Gespenst-1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

The trailer looked good until the descartes quote. Come on, philosophy and science have come a LONG way since descartes.

Looks like its going to be yet another outdated study of consciousness.

Looks like a good game though.

dcj05241894d ago

Don't knock it till ya try it.

-Gespenst-1894d ago

I'm sure it'll be a freaky and atmospheric game, and I really want to play it, but I'll likely find it hard to take seriously beyond those aspects of it. The philosophy and science behind it is looking more and more to be super outmoded and discredited stuff, which means to me that it warrants no serious consideration.

Bimkoblerutso1894d ago

Just because a philosophy is antiquated does not mean that wisdom cannot be mined from it's more fundamental aspects.

Plus, in a fantasy setting, it is generally understood that philosophy and science can be bent to fit the context of the given fiction.

Zeal0t1894d ago

2015? Oh come on -.- I need this asap!!!! I love the atmosphere, setting and sound.