Tekken 5 Updated; Extension Rumored

Namco Bandai flexed its Tekken 5 mojo last week, extending the available online modes of Dark Resurrection while staying mum on a series follow-up.

New online enhancements by way of a downloadable update include continuous one-on-one matches, DualShock 3 rumble support, room name display, auto selection of opponents with optimal connection speeds, player notifications, and the resolution of multiple bug issues.

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TheHater3561d ago

I hope there will be a new update for this game :)
I was playing it again for the first time on Thursday, and I did pretty good :)

sonarus3561d ago

Yea the update is already out. It adds rumble and some other online stuff

LSDARBY3561d ago

So is this update out worldwide?

TheHater3561d ago

for now it just a rumor. But I do hope it a worldwide update :)

abuze3561d ago

I downloaded this update like three days ago.

sumfood4u3561d ago

Tekken 5 DR still awesome but i look forwards to T6!

heihachi mishima3561d ago

i think thats because they are still beta testing the arcade version the game

picker3323560d ago

I've never seen the update.

Live in europe so...

Do you have to download the update from psn or is it downloading automatically when you start the game?

Mr Blings3560d ago

prompted to download upon boot up. I'm pretty sure you cant even get into the game unless you update the game